Another New Beginning

Here I am again, the threshold of a new beginning.  It’s Monday!

I love Mondays.  I seem to get my act “back” together on Monday.  It is my morning to re-group, look at the new week before me, start my lists, and start off!  I love to make lists.  I am enjoying using a template from Simple Mom the “Daily Docket” – to manage my  day .  The best part of this template is the MITs on the top – Most Important Tasks – this has been great because it really helps me focus on the 3 most important things I need to accomplish today.

My other favorite list is my gratitude journal.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Ann’s free download for this journal as well.  I go through all my lists in the morning after I read my Bible.  I keep them all on one clipboard.  I also have a copy of her Joyful Mother Manifesto – that I like to read over it each morning.  I have not come close to mastering any of those points, but reminding myself each morning helps to focus my thoughts for the day.  It offers a bigger picture type of goal – what is this really all about.  Not so much the to-do list, but the long term goals for sowing seeds into my kids.



Today, as I sit in my warm kitchen and see the fog through the window, hearing the voices of my children playing outside, I am thankful for ….

308. getting to know new friends better through time together

0309. rain, for days, to fill the pond, to water the ground, to make the fish happy

0310. keeping up in my Bible reading (even getting ahead a bit)

0311. counting dollars, knowing where they are going

0312. a new classroom to decorate

0313. others who graciously moved my classroom while we did 4H

4H Food Comp 004

0314.  our first 4H competition, the joy of competing and his first ribbon

0315. the promise of sunshine today, after missing it for many days

0316. remembering an old plan, dusting it off and getting it out again

0317.  getting a boy his own blog, to record the joys of his adventures and to help him remember these precious years as they fly by

0318.  an accountability partner to help store up precious words so deep in our hearts they cannot be pulled out – and a shared excitement

0319.  saying No – even if you have to repeat it for others to hear – and knowing it was the only answer

0320.  that it is Monday and I get to start many things over again – and do better this time 🙂


I have to admit, I think one of the reasons I embrace my Mondays so, is because that is when Ann calls us to share our gratitude.  I get to wake up and start my list, think about the many things I have to be thankful for.  Not the list of past failures, or incomplete projects (oh, there are too many of those right now) – but NO – a list of things we are thankful for.  I think that kicks my Monday off to a fabulous start – when it begins with gratitude!  So, thank you Ann for inspiring this!  I cannot wait to get my book this week –





2 thoughts on “Another New Beginning

  1. OK, that video was so convicting…I ordered a book too. I have had a gratitude journal for several years but I haven't written as a sum total like this…maybe it's time to change & start something new. 🙂 Maybe it will transform my life. And I can start appreciating the moments that we have. 🙂

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