Blog World

I enter into the blog world at different times each day.  Most days it is not until my morning quiet time, breakfast, and kick start to chores and such.  Other days it is not until after schooling with little ones, or really just life. 

I try to be very discriminate of the blogs I read.  I try to choose ones that will encourage me along on this journey.  Convict my heart, but not add onto the guilt that I already carry.  Words to inspire whether through fabric, glue, a sewing machine, food, or even books.  Those are my favorites.  My most favorite is Ann’s simple, humble and yet amazingly PROFOUND blog.  I could live on her blog.  I could just stay there and bounce from current post to past posts, just drinking up the words that spill from her keyboard.  I feel inspired, encouraged, and loved there.  How?  Because this sweet, simple woman loves the same ONE that I love so much, that she opens herself to allow him to fill her up, her days, her home and her words.

So when I read that she struggles with the mess of little ones, I can sit and know that she is REAL – not just a blog personality that looks good.  When she shares how she needs to pray more in her days, I am, again, pointed to Him and not her – and am reminded that we share this journey she and I.  This journey to love our kids, to be Christ-like in our actions and to seek more of him all the days of our lives.

I am grateful for this technology that we can all share here – in this big world.  It draws us closer, like maybe we could be cyberspace neighbors, and some of are “in real life” neighbors still enjoying the words shared on blogs.  And some of are family keeping up with the routine of daily life across the many miles.

Words, again.  Words.  They matter.  Each of them.

I hope to continue on this journey, watching and choosing my words.  Trying to choose ones that will encourage life in my children’s hearts, will build up little ones into Big ones with character and truth, will teach love even when we do not feel it but still choose it.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey.  Sometimes it is harder than others, but no matter what we never trek alone.  Whether we know it or not, there are so many others out there on a parallel journey, feeling so many of the same things.  And no matter what else, we walk this journey with one who has walked a similar one before us – one who did it perfectly, without blame, without sin, he holds our hand through it all.



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