An Old Friend

I have recently been reacquainted with an old friend.  You know how it is, you were one inseparable.  But then, life happens.  Time goes by, and before you know it you have not seen each other in, well, ages.

That is how it was for me.  At one point we saw each other daily.  We never missed a day.  But then, days go by, you miss one day, and then another.  Maybe see each other every other day for a season.  But before you know it, you have not seen each other in months. 

Who was this old friend?  Naptime!

For years we had daily naptime – and boy, I loved it.  Many months I took part in naptime, while I was pregnant, or nursing little ones.  But then, these children got a bit older.  Seemingly, “too old” for naptime, so we let it go.

But recently we have become reacquainted with our dear old friend.    We have re-established naptime in our home, but for this season it looks much different than it did ages ago.

It is working so well for us!  The boys find their place and grab a book, my princess grabs some books, snuggles in her bed, and many days has a good old fashioned nap! 

My children wake about 6:00-6:30 each morning, and so by the evening can have the tendency to be mild bears!  Especially that sweet little princess.  Some weeks, my youngest boy grabs some shut eye too – I think he is growing more than we see or realize these days!

It has been great for me too.  I have a brief break from little ones “needing” my attention, so I can either focus some attention on an area of the house that need some time, or I can grab a project and get some work done there!  Either way, it has been a blessing in our house to have this down time to recharge each of our batteries.  I can see the kids really benefit from those moments by themselves too.

So it is no surprise that the first entry in my gratitude journal is

{#’s 0321~0333 of One Thousand}

~ naptime most days in our house = quiet rooms, reading children and a refreshed mom

~ finding moments on a Saturday to get away (alone) to the school building to sew while listening to wonderful music

~ a Sunday meal shared with great friends, solving many of the world’s problems Smile

~ struggling with the concepts of Dave Ramsey, but choosing to stick with it – knowing the benefits

~ a husband who can make the budget work for both of us, and who is willing to compromise

~ firming up plans for the Whole Heart Mothers conference next month

~ getting into a good groove with school, and getting ahead a bit too

~ being re-inspired to spend some attention on our nature studies and journals

~ a boy who is learning to love reading as much as his older brother, and who’s excitement is contagious!

~ children who work willingly, but setting up a system (“Commission”) to pay them for that work and teaching them how to handle their own money

~ children who delight in giving away their hard earned money, without any encouragement

~ a warm fire while studying life-giving books (thank you Ambleside)


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