Kids & Money

Our world seems to be going so much better this week!  {Yes, I know it is only Tuesday, shhhh}

We have finished 2 weeks of school since Monday of last week!  And we are adding more into our weekly system as we go!  We started a simple Latin workbook this last week – Critical Thinking.  This book introduces the concepts of Latin root words.  I am not sure my kids really need to learn Latin as a language, I am happy if they can learn what some of the words mean though, so they can ace their SATs, someday!

pinecones a

We are getting back into our nature study too.  Check out  Our Nature Blog to see what we are doing this week!  It has been fun!  I think  it will become more routine too!

My oldest has started a blog too.  This has been fun to see him take ownership (with lots of moderation on my part) and decide what he wants to write about, what pictures he wants to post and so on.  I am looking forward to watching his writing improve dramatically, plus he is having to really plan it all out.

The other new thing we have implemented in the last week and a half is Commission.  This is a Dave Ramsey~ism.  We have heard it a while ago, but honestly the kids were not old enough.  They are now!

So, our new system is this:

J : $5 a week                  breakdown : save-$2, store-$2, and church-$1

P : $4 a week                 breakdown : save-$2, store-$1, and church-$1

E : $3 a week                 breakdown : save-$1, store-$1, and church-$1

A : $2 a week               

                      breakdown : save-$0.50, store-$1, and church-$0.50

ABC Learning Bank (with parents' guide on CD-ROM)

They have the Crown Financial Industries Bank so they have 3 sections for each part above. (ours look different, but this is the one they sell now)  Then come Sunday they get their money (they earned) and choose between giving it to church or giving it to our Water Buffalo fund*.

They each have chores they need to accomplish or they lose money come payday.  There are only between 2-5 that they get paid for, the rest are expected (without pay – the cost of living here)

We are excited to see how this works out.  The kids can use their money (store) for whatever they want, but they have to tell us what it is & how much it is, before we go shopping.  Makes them think it out and not impulse buy in the toy department.

So that is what is new here.  Life is moving right along in our home!

More chickens due here in 2 weeks!  Lots of pictures to come!!

*We are hoping to save enough money to buy a Water Buffalo this Christmas for Gospel for Asia!!


1 thought on “Kids & Money

  1. I love the Dave Ramsey idea of paying your children commissions. My children are all grown but they all helped out at home and are all now hard workers at their professions as well as at home. Good luck with the commissions and the water buffalo project. I think it is so important for children to learn to give to others especially at Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and visting us at waddleeahchaa. joyce 🙂

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