Weekly Wrap Up & waking to snow

Finally, we got it!!  We have woken up to a blanket of snow – I cannot wait for it to get light out so I can get some pictures!  The kids will have so much fun today playing in it….

blanket of snow

I am so excited to start a weekly wrap-up!  I have stumbled on a number of blogs (homeschool ones mostly) that have a weekly wrap up on Friday to summarize  their adventures that week!  I loved the idea of a weekly summary to confirm to me that we actually did something!

This week was a glorious week for our family!  The weather was not wonderful, but it allowed us to slow down to a crawl for a few days, all together in the house!  Too cold to be out, and since we did not get snow, no reason to be out!

And while the public schools cancelled classes (only to be made up at Easter or in June) we schooled on!  I love sitting on the couches on the cold with a  wonderful fire burning reading through our school for the week!

homeschool journal

In our homeschool this week…

We schooled in the living room, by the fire.  We were able to read about 10 chapters in Children of the New Forest  by Captain Marryat.  We kept skipping this each week due to it being in the house and us being in the school, also I was not drawn in and was not super interested in trudging through it.  After this week, and reading so many chapters in one week – I am reluctant to keep on the AO schedule – I want to keep reading!  It is a delightful book!!  So many great lessons – just love it – and all the kids do too!

feb 2011 003

We recently added piano into our school (after having it cleaned and tuned!!) – and the kids are picking it up quite well & enjoying it.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We have not ventured out besides a quick walk of the dogs – and we are seeing a lot of each other!  Good thing we generally like each other!

My favorite thing this week was…

Finishing our Shakespeare book and learning so much about him!  So many phrases that we use came from Him and the Elizabethan time!  Who knew?

What’s working for us…

Staying consistent and getting about a week and a half of our AO schedule done per week, making up for starting so late after our move!

I find that schooling through when we are done with our readings is keeping everyone busy and we are all enjoying it!  Plus, we should end our year sometime in early May!

Homeschool thoughts I have…

This week has reminded me how much we love to homeschool!  While so many are dealing with Cabin Fever this week in DFW, we are enjoying the many puzzles finished, an occasional movie, and just time together reading.  I love that this is the way we enjoy spending out time together!

A (couple) photo(s) to share…


Happy Friday!  Hope your week has been blessed!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up & waking to snow

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like your week was a lot like ours. We love reading in front on the fireplace. Definitely a perk to homeschooling 🙂

  2. Sounds like a perfectly nostalgic week! We just got a bit of snow which is rare for our neck of the woods, so I'm looking forward to creating a similar “day” for us since our little sheet of snow should be gone by 2pm. Have a great weekend!

    Stopped by from the journal hop.

  3. What a lovely week you had! The snow looks beautiful. We had sleet and ice this week, which is never as much fun as actual snow. I used to live in Dallas and remember how rare snow was there; usually it was sleet and freezing rain!

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