Baby steps around the house

Who knew that picking at wallpaper would lead to a completely redone bathroom, about $800+ later?

I had no idea, however, Robert says he did!

Well, while he is working in the bathroom, I get to focus on a few other areas around the house.  I was planning to do the bathroom myself, but when you are tearing down walls, pulling out the tub, and re-plumbing things, I do not get involved.


feb 2011 016

The plumbing, where the rub formerly was…..


feb 2011 023

Getting the tub ready to put into place –


So, I spent some time in the boys room recently getting a few things up on the walls.


boys wall


I also brought out their quilts that they have had since they were born.  Robert’s amazing aunt made them for each child when they were born.  This past week, temps were so low I dug their quilts out to add another layer of warmth.  It has been years since they have seen these quilts, so it was fun for them to see all of them.


feb 2011 snow day 098


I was able to hang this rug too!  I received this for Christmas from my uncle – it was made by my Great Grandmother, hooked by hand!   Betsy (my MIL) told me it was in great shape for its age, and had great color still too!  She told me it needed to be off the floor, since it is so old and in such great shape.  So, on the wall it went!


feb 2011 snow day 097


I love it!  I love the colors – and I love how it warms the room, in my mind anyway!

hard working man

Here he is re-working the plumbing, looks happy – huh?

here is part of our old tub:

feb 2011 snow day 099

see why I love the new one so much?


new tub in

Our new tub, clean, white, so not like the old one!!

And deep!  I love it – so pretty, makes me happy just to look at it!!


So later this week, Robert will get our new tub installed (right now it is just sitting there) and then I am going to tile the shower (with lots of help from Robert) – and then we will tile the floor too.  I am so excited to actually tile – this will be my first time!  And I already LOVE my bathroom!! I love to see the new tub in there!! 

So, baby steps around here continue to turn this house into our much loved home! 

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