A day of gratitude

What a week we have had here in our home.  There seems to be a roving plague of sorts – it is a fever for about 36 hours with a pretty severe sore throat.  First it was E then P then J and now me.   I am thinking I am on the mend, but my throat is killing me!!

It is one thing to treat your child for a fever and sore throat, but when it hits you, it changes a bit!  Of course there is no one to step in and do your job when you are sick.  Fortunately, I have a great little boy who is able to keep a few things in order long enough for a nap here and there.  And thankfully I had some soup in the fridge (for the Superbowl party I was planning to attend) that we were able to eat for a couple meals.

Well, here are my gratitude journal entries for today:

{0405 –0420 }


0405. for a young boy, becoming a man, as we celebrate his 10th year today

0406. a return to routine after a week of anything but

feb 2011 snow day 043


feb 2011 snow day 032


0407. a week of snow, playing outside, building snowmen, and lots of fires and hot cocoa

0408. a short break of warm weather before the cold hits again

0409. waffles with sprinkles for breakfast to celebrate

feb 2011 008


0410. the laughter of boys as they watched the Darth Vader Superbowl commercial – the innocence and joy in their delight

0411. a husband who works hard away, and when home, works just as hard – as he is currently cutting  more firewood

0412.  moving forward on a bathroom we have not used for weeks

0413. that 6 people can use one shower for weeks, and still get along

0414. continuing forward with hiding the Word in my heart, staying on track with Colossians

0415.  spending many days in the house and knowing we really do like each other – not feeling trapped, or any kind of cabin fever. 

0416. 3 healthy kids making snow angels before the melt


feb 2011 snow day 056


0417. Filling Valentine boxes each day with notes of love

feb 2011 snow day 089


0418. boys helping stack firewood with their dad

feb 2011 020


0419. starting the day with a great sunrise & 0420. ending with a great sunset

feb 2011 002



feb 2011 007


A few more pics of some cute snowy kids….

feb 2011 snow day 053       feb 2011 snow day 022


now, back to schooling these kids……


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