Monday : Meal Planning

So, we have been following our meal planning pretty well.  When you factor in feeling sick, change in plans, and life – we are doing great!  Still have not eaten out!  Success there!

So here is our plan for the next 3 weeks or so :

8 ~ Tuesday : Beans and Rice

9 ~ Wednesday : Chicken Spaghetti {casserole}

10 ~ Thursday : loaded burritos

11~ Friday: Make your own Pizza

12~ Saturday: (trip to DFW) sandwiches in the car

13 ~ Sunday : Chicken & Rice Soup {Crock pot}

14 ~ Monday: Beans & Rice

15 ~ Tuesday {veggie}: Southwest Egg Rolls

16 ~ Wednesday : Veggie w/ Baked Potatoes

17 ~ Thursday : Beef Stir-Fry w/fried rice

18~ Friday: (*WHM for me) Pizza for them

19~ Saturday: (*WHM for me) steaks for them

20 ~ Sunday : spaghetti

21 ~ Monday: Beans & Rice

22 ~ Tuesday : Homemade Chicken Soup

23 ~ Wednesday : “Gourmet” Quesadillas

Trying to sprinkle in the Beef & Chicken nights each week – but not too many.  We are still enjoying many “Meat-less” meals – us and the kids, so that is great!  Stretches that meat a little more too!

Keeping my plan up to date has really saved us a lot of money too – I keep it on the fridge – when I lose that I print it out again, and each  morning I try to put it on my Daily Docket as a reminder and to get me thinking about sides, prep time, etc.  So this is all working for us.

It is all about saving money, eating healthy, and well, saving money!  So far so good!!

(*WHM – Whole Heart Mother Conference – I get to go up to DFW and spend the weekend.  My goal?  Well, relax, be encouraged, and save money!  yup!! The goal is to take food to eat in the hotel – my friend and I will do this together.  More fun, and ….you guessed it :cheaper.  We may have to run out to the grocery store to pick up a few things, but that is still better than eating out!!  Can’t wait Jennifer!!)

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