It’s been a week

I feel like a week slipped by without my knowing it.  It kind of did.  I was pretty useless for about 4 days this week.  No school, no cooking, no just about anything.

Fortunately I am feeling much better, cooking, schooling, and everything else again.  It has been a great day here – a full day of normal!  We did school this morning finishing a week – even though we missed quite a few days.  Then I was able to make my way over to the school building (we schooled in the house by the fire again) – to get some craft time! 

I was pretty excited this week to finish up a birthday gift for my sweet niece – hope she likes them:

feb 2011 015


feb 2011 017

Here are a few felt treats to go with a fun Tea Set – AG loves her felt food so I thought Caitlin would too!


While I was sick on the couch, we added 25 more chickens to our home.

feb 2011 004

It was so sweet to have these little birds again in our home, I love to hear their little chirps.  They are just so cute!  feb 2011 006

Of course, 25 little chickens start to stink a bit faster than 12 do, and this means they are moving outside very soon!  They were in the living room the last few days simply because of the weather being so severe.  Tomorrow they move to their new home in the garage.  But they are still pretty cute!!

feb 2011 007


Here are some of the cards I made tonight too :

feb 2011 018


I have made a few other treats recently – I made mug rugs for the kids for Valentine’s Day – I will post some pics after this weekend.  I know the kids will love them – we have tea quite often so I know they will enjoy their little mug rugs when we do! 

The countdown has begun for the Whole Heart Conference too – next weekend I get to get away for a few days of recharging, relaxing, and fun!!  Cannot wait!!

Random thoughts tonight, I guess that is what you get when I am out of the loop for a week!

1 thought on “It’s been a week

  1. And indeed Caitlin loved them…they are too cute. You should make 'em and sell em with the tea cups…I think they would sell well in a fancy kid store. Thanks again for bringing Anna, Caitlin had a ball! (So did her mom:)

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