so much gratitude

Sometimes it takes getting sick to really be thankful for all that we have.  When you are feeling too yucky to eat, and cannot really speak, you find out how thankful you are that you can normally eat, and normally read to your children without irritation.

Last week was a huge reminder of all I have to be thankful for.  I am thoroughly enjoying watching my boys fill in their printable Gratitude journal from Ann also.  It is a joy to see them opening their young hearts to gratitude.


So today, with a healthy throat I am thankful for …

~ swallowing without pain

~ an upcoming weekend of relaxing, recharging, and fellowship

~ writing valentine letters to my children hoping to fill their love cups with words of encouragement and love

~ 25 chicks still alive and kicking, and getting 13 more very soon

~ a husband who means so much to us, but really does not realize it

~ the end of the 4 night shift

~ tears of joy during worship, feeling Him hug me through songs

~ teaching little ones, even a few extras, about Jesus and seeing that they get it

~ for a house that has enough Bibles that we each can look at one, and a few to spare

~ for a yard that seems to not end, and birds that fill our trees and our air with songs

~ little girls who believe they may grow up and be  real princesses one day, and knowing that one day she will grow up and know she is a princess as the daughter of the King

~ sweet valentines made by little hands, offered with love

I could go on and on, but for today that is my list.  My heart spills over with the many things I am thankful for – so many things.  We all have so much more to be grateful for than we realize.  Too often we are fretting about the next _______ (fill in the blank) the next project, the next thing for the shelf, mantle, etc.  But really, none of that makes us happy.  If it were all gone tomorrow, I would still be thankful for sweet hugs, for snuggling in the morning, for naps on the couch, for the little things.  Because really, aren’t those the big things?  Kids saying grace without being asked.  Praying for friends, for each other.  Holding hands in a parking lot with brothers laughing.  Playing games on the blanket in the living room sharing, encouraging.  Playing the game he wants, so that next they will play the game the other wants.  Reading to a little sister before bed, giggling in bed.  Having a sleep over with their sister while their little brother sneaks in with mommy!  Can you tell, the list really does not end…..

but I will end it for today.  I am grateful.  For everything, I just need to stop and think about it more – stop and realize I have more than I need.  It is not about remodeling.  It is not about a new outfit.  It is not about new paint, or new furniture.  It is about the real things that matter in life.  And in that area, I have far more than I deserve.

2 thoughts on “so much gratitude

  1. I love your post today and am glad that you are feeling better. It is so true that many times we take for granted all that we have until we are sick and must depend on others or must do for ourselves when feeling sick!
    You are also right that we have so much to be thankful for. May we never lose sight of all the gifts that are ours from He who loved us first!

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