Quiet and Alone

It is so sweet to be in a place where you can hear God, but even sweeter still when you know you are hearing God and you can almost feel him hugging you and encouraging you.

That is usually how I feel when I get to be in a room with Sally Clarkson.  This weekend is proving to be no different.

But this morning, as I woke up early (with many less hours of sleep than I am used to) with little bags under my eyes, and my body wanting to roll over and go back to sleep, I went down to secure seats for today’s conference.  It is what I do.  I am the seat recon person.  It seems I normally get up earlier than most in my group, and well, it is what I do.  So I took off with my Bible hoping to get some reading done while I waited.  I skipped my Mark reading yesterday, not intentionally, just got pulled away before I got there.  But, now I see God wanted me to read that particular passage today.

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”  Mark 6:31

I read this last year about a week before this same conference – and felt that this was God telling me to Go – without guilt – go to a quiet place and be alone with him (alone in the sense of with 600 other moms doing the same thing).  So I went.  Then, and now.

Even Jesus knew the importance of getting away from all that tugs at us and pulls us here and there.  To get away to a quiet place to meditate.  To think new thoughts.  To dream.  To reconcile where we have been and are.  To get away.

There is so much value in it.  When Sally speaks, I hear the words God gave her to speak life and encouragement into the hearts of those who are daring to live their lives pouring everything into their children.  TO some weary women on the battlefield of the World – battling against, everything the world throws at us. 

And, wow – so sweet.  So, so sweet to hear the words that God is pouring out to my heart.  Not words of condemnation, or guilt – but words of life.  Truth.  Inspiration. 

So, I sit here this morning, in a quiet place, knowing no one is going to come out and ask me what is for breakfast & when am I serving it.  No one is going to ask for anything from me right now.  So I get to read His word, refresh my soul, and let Him fill me back up before I step back out on that battlefield.  But when I do, I know that I am ready.  I have plans.  I have ideas.  I have high expectations.  I am dreaming of bigger ideals than Friday morning.  I will keep striving to pour so much more into the hearts of my fellow warriors on this battlefield – even though they may not yet realize they are that.

I am so grateful.  So thankful that Sally is obedient to a God who asks more of her, who stretches her – and who has called her to do what she is doing.  She is fighting the battle through her life, but through ours too every time she refreshes our souls!

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