more baby steps

I came home with quite a list of things I wanted to add/implement/change in my home after listening to Sally Clarkson and her friends this weekend.  I am not going to share the entire list, but I will share what little things I have done since getting home. 

1.  My goal was to make my kitchen “Clutter Free” and I was serious!!

So, I arrived home and Sunday evening after my appointment with Dave Ramsey, I started picking up the kitchen.  Why the kitchen as my focus right now?  Well, my bedroom looks like a man’s workshop exploded – and let me tell you, that room does not make me happy when I enter it.  However, I cannot influence, change or control that room while my husband is soldering pipes, hanging dry wall, or laying tile.  So, I choose to ignore the way that room makes we feel, and move on.

I happen to spend most of my time in the kitchen.  So, I decided the kitchen could be improved.

Whew!  I got it there – not please do not come and inspect the closets, drawers, or laundry room.  My goal was to get it out of the kitchen and work the other areas incrementally.  It is not really as bad as I making it sound – but man, my kitchen looks great!  And I have worked a few of the areas that caught all my kitchen clutter.  So, I am so happy right now, clean counters, clean tables.  {smile}


feb 2011 126


In my plan to declutter I almost bought a box/crate to hold our Bibles in the kitchen since they were piling up and needing a spot.  When I was telling Robert I wanted to buy a box for them, I said “kind of like the one in our room….. that is not being used…. the one your grandfather made….” Silly me.  I did not need to buy anything …


feb 2011 129

perfect for holding 5 (soon to be 6) Bibles!!

2.  Bring in music and candles for meal time

May sound cheesy.  Maybe it is.  But I wanted some candles for meals, and some music – not just any.  Classical, instrumental.  So I dug out some old classical music CDs, and my Joel Clarkson piano CD and we have thoroughly enjoyed listening while eating, or cleaning!  The kids really love it, they guessed (JB did) which composer it was the first night – a complete guess, but he was right!

feb 2011 127

(see my very cool radio I dug out of a corner?)


feb 2011 131

(4 candles = 4 kids blowing out their own candle)

3.  Change conversations at our meals

The norm in our house is for the kids to quote movies, games and other things to each other.  I can not stand to hear any more quotes from Ice Age or Star Wars.  So instead of my normal, “shhhhh and eat your food” – I have been asking them a question.  I tell them to think about something, an idea, and then in a few minutes we will share.

(so I get a few moments of quiet while they think, then I get a thoughtful answer instead of a movie line)

ahhhhh – so much better.  Then we talk about that same topic a bit.

4.  Celebrate Life every day

Well, we are trying to celebrate life.  We are re-instituting Celebrate Days – we do this each month, on the day of each person’s birthday we have a Celebrate Day.  You get to pick your dessert (a treat in our home) and during dinner (or lunch – whenever we have Dad home) we go around and say what we love about that person.  The kids love it.  We got busy and it dropped off our calendar, I am putting it back on.  First up : ED – Saturday night w/ice cream sundaes –> fun!!

We also bought this book:

365 Days of Celebration and Praise: Daily Devotions and Activities for Homeschooling Families


I am enjoying this book, it has something each day to learn & celebrate – great breakfast or lunchtime devotion.  First it tells you what that day is (Wednesday Feb 23 is Tootsie Roll Day) and then it tells you a bit about it,  a scripture relevant, and something to pray about.  I like how it ties in the Biblical perspective.  It is short & simple and I can work this into our routine most days I think!  Another way to celebrate each day!


So, in 2 days I have made some minor changes, some major ones (kitchen) and have many more on the docket.  Each of these changes seems trivial in a sense, but it is going to change how I feel about our days, and how my children feel too.  Great music will fill their little minds with great sounds, and a decluttered kitchen makes for a happier mom.  So I am excited to see how these little things start to have an impact in our home!

Now, my kitchen makes me want to declutter the entire house, and I am well on my way to doing that!!  So watch out!!

I do have some treasures to share soon, that I acquired this weekend…. here is a sneak peak…



feb 2011 125

Thanks Jennifer – I love it and I know it belongs in the kitchen but it serves a fantastic purpose right here!!

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