New Treasures & Clothes Pins

When I arrived up in the metroplex last weekend, Jennifer had been garage-sale shopping while waiting for me.  She found several great treasures for me :

new shakers


new tea pot

Love them both!!

Then she also got this too:

feb 2011 125

Can you see a theme forming?  Yes, chickens – with the chickens multiplying around here, I decided it was time to have some chicken stuff around the house too.  So I now have several fun chickens in our kitchen and living room!

Then I found this table at the same garage sale – perfect height for the kids to play cards on, color, or whatever they want to do.  It was $5 – can’t beat that!!


feb 2011 123

Then, as I posted previously, is the box I found in our home to fill a need in our kitchen!  It is about to have clipboards for each child too – with their gratitude sheet, bible reading plan, and their chore list.  I am hoping to get clutter-y paperwork off the counters and have a place for each child to keep their stuff.

feb 2011 129

Finally, while making lunch I decided to solve another “issue” I have.

You see, I have a small prep-area in my kitchen.  I kind of have 2 – but one is really where I prep for cooking.  And it is small.


cooking prep area good

When I am using a recipe, often I set it down and it takes up precious space, then it gets wet or oily, and the paper is messed up.  I always think how I need to hang it up – or have a nice plate holder style thing to put it in/on.  But since my budget is $0 for any updates or projects, I knew a plate holder thing was out.  So I dug out my hot glue gun, and some clothes pins.

craft supplies

Now, first, I must say, these clothes pins are a family treasure too.  They were handed to me after Robert’s grandmother passed away – I have the only clothes line in the family.  But I love that when I use them I think of her! Smile

great grammie on bench


(I have done this previously in our house in Mansfield, but only under the sink to hold gloves or a rag, or something else)

So anyway, I picked a cabinet that I do not mind open while I am cooking and figured out where I want it.  Then I glued a few clothes pins up.


inside cabinet door

Make sure you will not hit your head on the open cabinet!


clothes pin with ribbon

As an after thought, I decided to throw a little piece of ribbon on it for some color.

If you hang these and then change your mind, they do come off rather easy – you have to pull them, but the glue will come off.  So this does not have to be permanent.

Here is the finished product with Grammie’s Chowder recipe hanging!

handy holder in work area

I did put a few in other cabinets to put some verses, or kid colored pictures, or anything I want to hang, but rotate – so when I open a cabinet there is some sweet verse, or a pretty picture to make me smile!  I love decorating spots that we often forget to use!!

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