by the numbers

The weekend here at the “Farm”

1 silly girl

1 silly girl

5 boys and a tent

5 boys + 1 tent


5 silly boys and a tent

5 silly boys + 1 tent


one worn out husband

1 worn out husband (who worked very hard all day getting our garden ready)


50 x 60 ft garden

1 garden : 50 x 60 ft



1 of 12  mounds

1 of 12 mounds (with pine straw paths)

2 baby turkeys

2 new turkey chicks!  (hopefully a boy & girl)

5 of 6 baby gineas

5 of 6 new guinea chicks


2 sweet cuddly kittens

2 sweet snuggly kittens

6 hungry kids and 1 pizza

6 hungry kids, 1 pizza and a few more to come


8 sweet hens

8 hens growing up fast, enjoying some brief  freedom


25 growing chickens

25 little boys chicken growing very fast, finally in their new home


maggie meets katie 2

1 curious cat and 1 cautious chick meet



how many chicks can we squeeze into a corner

How many chicks can you squeeze into a corner?


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