Multitude Monday

It can be hard to wake up early, especially after an eventful night!  Our kids slept in the tent again last night, to give their little sister a chance to join in the fun.  So when I woke about midnight to the rumble of thunder, I was thankful.  Thankful because I never wake before the storm, during it, sure.  But before?  Rolling thunder rarely wakes me from sleep.

But God knew my young children would be terrified if they woke in the middle of the storm, and so he woke their Mama.  (and Daddy too).  The dogs were out as well.  The starter plants, young life, they were out too.  Who wants to work at midnight just a few hours into the night of sleep?  Not me.

But we did.  We woke the kids, we brought the dogs in to their beds, and we rescued the plants to the kitchen.  Then the storm HIT!  It was a pretty intense storm too.  The thunder was terribly loud, and right over us.  The hard pelted the house.  I was so thankful our kids listened from their safe and secure beds.

And, thankful for the rain.  Just a few hours earlier in the afternoon we talked with Robert’s folks about how we could use a little rain.  And then He provided.  I know he did not send the rain just for the Coles, but we sure needed it and were quite thankful!

I am noticing, after starting each day with my gratitude journal page from Ann, by starting a full day by offering Thanks first, it changes everything.  It changes how you perceive the rest of your day.  It changes how you look at some lost sleep, the safe young starter plants, and happy kids.  It changes everything.

It is becoming more of my nature.  I catch myself when I start to grumble, I stop and think how grateful I am for whatever it is I am grumbling for.  Not empty thanks.  Real.  I have more than most people in our world will EVER have.

And I still grumble.  As if to tell HIM that it is not enough.  But, I am learning to stop.  And say, it is enough.  I am thankful for all you have given me.  Because, I am.

I once grumbled that I wanted a 3rd bathroom in our house.  Now, we are all using 1.  For about 2 months now.  ONE.  Six people.  Do you think I grumble about a third?  Do you think I pine away for that coveted guest bath any more?  Nope.  God has showed me – one can be enough.  Enough may not be fun, or ideal.  But enough is simply enough.  I have more than enough.  And thank you Lord!



Continuing on with my list:


extra boys to spend the weekend, lots of laughter, running, playing and noise

an enormous garden to get filled with seeds

new chicks (turkeys and guineas)

moving the boy chicks outside & them doing well

green grass coming up

blooming daffodils

dead gophers (and hopefully less missing flowers)

a wonderfully working bathroom & 6 people working together to share it

the cow in our freezer – continues to bless us : roast & fajitas this weekend

kids who eat most anything and do not complain all that much

a 4 yr old who wants to read the Word with her mama and brothers, so she brings her tiny new testament to look through in the morning {priceless}

boys who work hard, and are willing to push themselves

sunny days past, and many more to come

Dave Ramsey and the excitement I feel over accomplishing baby steps

misunderstood conversations, things taken out of context, feelings hurt – only to realize it was not as it was portrayed!  Joy when the truth is weeded out!

feeling God’s goodness in my day, even when I am busy or frustrated, being reminded no matter what


I hope that you will join me on this journey of counting our blessings.  One by one, we can get to 1000 – and somewhere along the journey it changes your life!

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