Busy mid-week Weekend

That is how it seems here.  We are ending our 3-day weekend.  Robert worked Monday and Tuesday then had the last 3 days off.  We love this crazy schedule (most of the time). 

But, whew!  I think he is ready to go to work and get a rest, and I think I am ready for him to go to work to get a break too!

He cut down the top of our pear tree one day:

preparing to cut down the tree

Then, he hung the rest of the drywall in preparation of putting up tile:

bathroom before tile

Then, we spent some time putting down mulch in our flower beds, did not get to all of them, but wow!  What a difference!!

more mulched bed


mulched flower bed

We made sure to take some breaks.  We sat out by the chickens, let them run around, brought some popsicles and our current favorite read-aloud!

Children of the New Forest

March 2011 011popsickle time


While we sat and read, we had a visitor come over several times – and finally she wanted to get friendly!  We love sweet Freedom – our only buff who has a name!

J with Freedom

We all spent some time in the garden.  We planted a row of potatoes.  We also planted seeds for Kale, Mustard, Radishes, and Carrots.  The kids are helping so much to clean out the rows and take trips to the compost pile with roots and stuff, but I am not sure how much more work they want to put into the garden!  I cannot blame them, I am glad we are almost done getting stuff in – I am ready for a break too!

Today, Robert put in Berry Lane – 5 blue berry bushes,  3 blackberry bushes. 

Berry Lane

Today we put up tile, finally!!  I love it – cannot wait for this bathroom to get done!!  I loved tiling it too!!  SO much easier than I thought!

stage 1stage 2 tilestage 3 tile


Not sure when I will get to finish it – the next parts require some cutting and Robert will not be here to do that, so maybe Monday.

Finally, this afternoon I dug up about 200 Day Lilies – in order to rid a flower bed being taken over by brambles.  So tomorrow, I need to find them new homes – and then we need to clean out this bed!  It is a mess!!

briars need to be torn up

{brambles to be cleared soon}

day lilies

{a few of our lilies – need a new home too!}

transplanted day lilies

{here are a few transplanted – I hope they do well!}

Lots of stuff done!  Lots still to do – but we are definitely almost done with our spring garden!  Cannot wait to see what the harvest looks like!!


Oh yeah, we did add 2 more turkeys to the mix too!  No pics yet, but they are cuties and seem to be integrating well with the 2 we already had.  I think we are about to stop add animals too!  But, it sure is fun!!

Now, it is off to the real weekend – and I think we are going to relax!! 

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