“herding cats”

“herding cats” ~ a phrase that before kids I had never heard.  In fact, after the first, no one mentioned it to me.  Honestly, I think it may have been after my 3rd came along, that I heard this phrase and it made sense.  I may have beard it before, but never really understood.

Now, it defines my life many days.

Shoveling during a snow storm has the same meaning.

Sweeping the floor under the table you eat at – I wish that I could just wait until we were done eating there.  Not for just one meal, but in general.  I mean really, if I clean it, more food is going to fall there – do I really need to clean it? 

It feels like no matter what area I am trying to get control of, every other area spins out of control.

I am still trying to manage the clutter in my “clutter-free” kitchen – yes, there is still some clutter that appears (habits die hard) – but making this my priority helps to keep me focus in that area.  A clean kitchen really makes me smile these days.  Cannot say too much about the rest of my house.  The rest feels like I am in a blizzard, but still shoveling.

I know the blizzard will end – but not for, oh, about 14 years.  It may wane sooner, but it will not really end for about that long.  So it is hard to attack during the storm.  It just feels like a waste and the effort can become overwhelming.

I did attack one area today though.  I attacked my bedroom closet (which I had not touched since we moved it & it needed it).  Now, I honestly want to go look at my closet every time I see clutter, dust, stuff, etc.  I want to go see the order, the lines, the lack of clutter.  I wish the clutter fairy would make a visit to my house one night.  And put everything in its place.

The hard part about keeping up is that there is only ONE of me and there are FOUR fighting against my cause!  It is not really very fair terms, don’t you think?

I know it will come.  Days like these, when I collapse after 8pm on the couch for the first break of my day, I am reminded of how fast it all goes by.  How soon my house will be very clean, it will stay that way, and I will miss the toys, the games, the shoes, the stinky socks – well not the stinky socks! 

The Bible puts it this way:



So, while my stalls are full, I will try to stop fighting it, and grab my moments while I can.  Savoring the days reading in the yard, getting the garden ready, and the playing of games on the floor.  I have oxen and I want to delight it them, so please don’t mind the house if you stop by to savor the moments with us!


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