Weekly Wrap-Up

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In my life this week…

It is spring break here in our neck of the woods, and while we normally do not take Spring Break, we did this week.   My in-laws blessed us with a great visit.  So while we did not do much formal schooling, we did plant some tomatoes (horticulture); cleaned out the garage (life skills); dumped chicken pooped on wood chips on the compost (Green living & horticulture); saw a movie (fun); and many more fun things that fall into life skills.  So who says you need to sit at a desk and open to a book to learn??

In our homeschool this week…

The boys did do their math most days to stay on track with that, and we finally finished this quarter’s literature book – Children of the New Forest.  It was a fantastic book – one of our favorites.  As I finished it and closed it AG said,  “The End – but we will get to read it again in a few years!”  I am already looking forward to that!!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We did get out to the movies this week- saw Mars Needs Moms – great movie!  Really!  I cannot think of anything I did not like about it.  Very family friendly – addresses kids saying something they regret too – a reality for most kids I think.

We enjoyed several days with Grammie and Papa on the farm, working in the garden lots!

We also had a drive-by visit with the kids’ Great Grandmother.  It was good to see her, and Robert’s aunt as well – we showed her the animals and the school building.

We did have a new addition to the school building – a Ping Pong table!!  So now, we are reorganizing the school room and may be making a Guest Room out there!  We will see!!

My favorite thing this week was…

Having Betsy and Leslie here.  Playing, puzzles, coloring, painting, and more!  It was great having them with us!

What’s working/not working for us…

(NOT Working)  Well, when it is spring break, I think there is little that is not working.  Next week might be a different story!!

(Working) Enjoying a few days off from school & embracing spring weather!!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

We got to watch this beauty pollinate my pear tree for quite a while! J says it is a Swallowtail Butterfly – I have not been able to verify – but it sure is pretty!

butterfly on branch 2




3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Love the chicken coop! I'm so jealous. Everyone has chickens with awesome eggs! I want EGGS!!! LOL.

    I know what you mean about schedules being thrown off. I hate not being schedule. Hopefully, next week is better for you!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a GREAT photos! Adorable kids! LOVE the Chicken coop! We've been going back and forth about getting a few chickens for eggs. (My Mom has a bunch so we know all about them.) Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


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