Sweet Saturday

I love waking up with no where to go!  I really love being the first one up, to get ahead a bit before the gang descends on the kitchen.

This morning I was up first, after the best night of sleep in a while, and I was able to get the kitchen picked up, the dogs out (for my little boy), and then I helped the big boys with the chickens.  I do not always help with the animal chores, but today I did not mind.

Then I headed to the front porch to see if I could catch the Cedar Wax wing that my mother-in-law, Betsy, saw the last two mornings.  I was able to sit out there and make my gratitude morning entries.  (my favorite entry for this morning was that P went for a solo bike ride and was able to spot a few deer!  How sweet!)

It was so peaceful just listening to the birds singing, having a wonderful cup or tea, and low and behold!  They (3 of them) arrived.  They were not too close, but I came prepared with my camera a zoom lens.


cedar wax wing

{the pic did not come out too well in color, but that is what they are!}

Then the best announcement I have heard in a while, “Breakfast is ready” and I did not life a finger!  Robert made “super-duper breakfast tacos” and we all devoured them!!

Then I headed out to work on a flower bed, J went to mow the back yard, Robert was working on something outside and Leslie (my father-in-law) helped me with the flower bed.

new flower bed

I am thrilled with how it turned out!  I am excited to watch  my lantana take off, and the Spanish moss rose is a favorite from years ago when a friend gave me hers before moving away!  I love it!  I hope to get some more lantana of a few different colors to fill in a few spots.

I love working in the garden and having some great results to look at once I am all done!!

Garden Update:

Okra is slowly coming up – I put seeds in about 10 days ago

Potatoes are doing great, but something is eating the leaves – need to resolve that!


Carrots are finally up and look pretty good – we got these in late so not sure how they are going to do.


Radishes should be harvestable in a few days – they grow so fast!  The chickens will love the greens!


Sugar Snap Peas are growing great and will need a trellis very soon

sugar snap peas

Tomatoes and Peppers are okay – I think they will be fine, but they are not too happy, a little sunburn on the leaves.

Lettuce and Swiss Chard are starting to take off and I have high hopes for it!lettuce

For those of you working on your own garden right now is the time to get seeds in the ground – cucumber, okra, peppers, squash, zucchini, egg plant, and so on.

The Herb Garden only has bird see sprouting – hoping we get something in the next few days!  The Lantana looks good though!

I am going to get a few packets of seeds for flowers in our raised bed today too – to harvest some cup flowers later this spring & early summer!

Below is my favorite flower in my garden right now, I love the purple center with the orange leaves!  I hope it comes back next year!!  I love it!

my favorite flower in my garden


Now is the time to trip Crepe Myrtles too – I worked on many of ours today and they look SO much better – so different with all those low branches cup off – and they just look cleaner and healthier!!

trimmed crepe murtles

I ran out to pick up some benches at one of the antique stores near-by this morning.  I saw them Thursday and knew I wanted them!  So I grabbed them to use by the fire pit – but no pics yet.  So I am excited to have a few benches, but while out, I stopped at a store that has not been open since December and found these treasures

new patio chair 1new patio chair 2

I have been looking for wicker something for the porch since we moved in…and today I found these for $5 each – they need some TLC and some cushions, but you cannot beat the price and I think I like them!!

On the way home I stopped at a garage sale and found this couch for $8 – again, not perfect (new color is needed for sure) but I love the price and they are comfy and perfect for the front porch!!  I never find these kind of deals so I was pretty excited!!

my new patio couch

So, we are having a sweet day here in the country – great breezes, lots of working boys and plan to have a bonfire tonight to roast some marshmallows while we enjoy our new benches!!

It is a good day!


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