Return to Routine

We have had a busy 3 weeks or so!  It has been so much fun to have family visit, see friends, see more friends, and now we are ready for some quiet slow days!

We seem to have our hands full these days with all the chickens we are caring for!  Last night a Guinea was out and took off for the wood line.  We left her alone so she would not fly across the road like her buddy a few weeks ago.  Robert was so good, he left water and food out for her.  I did not really think she would come home.  But, she did!  However they all seem to have realized that they can fly over the “fence” and so now, staying is going to become a choice.

Frustrating, but this day would come, I knew.

The rest seem to be doing well, still no eggs from my hens – but SOON I hope!  The “boys” are actually not BOYS!! 


They are both and we are starting to tell the difference!  {something I learned at the Live Stock Show}  They are still growing and we hope to fatten them up here in the next few weeks so they can move into the freezer – harsh, I know, but reality!!


I have had so many thankful moments this last week.  So many reasons to stop and thank God for the many blessings he continues to pour out in my family and my home.  Stopping (the key) to thank and to realize that I have reasons to thank – to THANK HIM! So many things on my list and here are a few :

{#0662 ~ #0681    Counting my thousand gifts!}

~  quiet afternoons, moments to catch up on blogging

~ walking a loose guinea back in the fence, knowing she needs to choose to stay

dinnerdinner on the smoker

~ smoked chicken and ribs for supper, and lots of left-overs

~ getting back into a routine of school

~ JMG lessons that we are working through – really enjoying watching the kids get excited

~ a boy learning to find independence from his brothers (an answer to prayers long prayed)

~ fresh smelling laundry

boys roasting marshmallows

Leslie and AG roasting marshmallows

~ bonfire with s’mores and smiles!

~ knowing I will catch up on my Bible reading, feeling the challenge of my boys reading with me

~ cooler temps for a few days

~ watching my garden grow greener (and not just from the grass) and see everything grow taller

~ knowing I am RIGHT where I am supposed to be, more importantly not wanting to be anywhere else in the world, and LOVING it!

~ cards in the mail, encouraging and a virtual hug, of sorts!


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