What a (couple) day(s)!

We had a glorious day in our neighborhood today and yesterday!

more malakoff farm life and a tractor 010

Yesterday, my dad came out to our new home and brought us a riding lawn mower!  This is such a blessing because up until now, J has been mowing for us with a push mower!  He normally cuts about 1-2 acres over a few days – but once he did it the first time, he really has no desire to cut grass!  The appeal wore off the first time!

So we are so thankful for a mower than can cut so much more so much faster!! And needless to say J is thrilled!!

Later in the evening, my uncle arrived from Mississippi, with his friend Tony and they brought us the most amazing gift!  They brought us a tractor!!  We are tickled!  They arrived last night in time for Chicken Fried Steak (thanks to the Pioneer Woman), mashed potatoes, and roasted beets with sautéed beet greens! 


more malakoff farm life and a tractor 029


more malakoff farm life and a tractor 038


more malakoff farm life and a tractor 040

This morning they attacked the tractor with tons of energy!  They changed the oil, and then did a whole lot of stuff I do not understand or want to!  By the time they were done with maintenance and repairs, it was about 2-ish.  Robert learned how to drive it and proceeded to mow the bulk of our 7.5 acres!! It looks so amazing!  I just smile every time I look at it!!

our place

Look at that cut grass!!

After that we stopped for some supper.  As soon as we cleaned our plates the kids took off for the pond for the next lesson of the day!  Tony is an avid hunter and fisherman, so he promised to show us how to filet a catfish if the kids caught one.  Well, J and E both caught one – E was absolutely thrilled!!  It was his first catch!!

E with his catch


We did let our hens out while the boys were fishing and they were pretty happy with the cut grass as well!  They were scattered all over the yard, which is pretty unusual for them.  Normally they are all pretty close to each other while loose – but with all the grass cut they seemed pretty content to wander!  It was fun to watch them!

more malakoff farm life and a tractor 049

So, Tony cut them all up and we are going to fry them up tomorrow!  Not sure if we will get some more catfish so all of us can have some, or if the 2 boys who caught the fish get to eat them!!

Of course, we had to have a bonfire tonight – we  love to treat our company to a nice bonfire in the backyard along with s’mores! 

bonfire (2)

PJ and Daddy by fire


Every now and then we like to check on the hens once they have gone to bed – they love to try and get everyone (and yes, I mean everyone – 8 of them) into one nesting box.  Here is a shot of them – they are not all in there, but more than I can count!!

hens in a box

Tomorrow morning we are excited to head out to Canton for a little walking and shopping.  You never know what treasures you will find there!  Should be fun!crazy clouds

Then back to our place to make a few minor adjustments to the tractor and I am sure more fun for the afternoon!

Feeling so blessed tonight!!


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