Still working on counting my 1000 gifts.  Trying to track all the good, and trying to count the good even in the bad.


{0737- 0750   of 1000 things I am counting that I am grateful for}

– sitting on the porch, watching the sun set, reading

– feeding the catfish in the pond

– eating catfish for lunch, catfish the boys caught

– getting back into a routine of school

– reading a great book about Squanto – with a strong Biblical message

– the extra responsibility Guardian is giving Robert

– the warm temps following a chilly morning – the sun shining

– making gifts, to share with others

– real friends – who get you

– seeing God move in Kristen’s life – through this move to DC

– cards in the mail, mirroring my thoughts and sharing gratitude

– my brother doing so well, transitioning like a champ – I am so proud of him!!

– family (near, far, close and distant) – every single one I am blessed to call family and those we call family by choice too!!

– naps on a Sunday afternoon, with a little girl snuggled up next to me

Life is moving along here.  The chickens go tomorrow to Mansfield to be processed.   We are looking forward to moving these bigger chickens, and to get rid of the stink!

The hens sure seem happy,and hopefully are going to lay some eggs for us!

I have been reading the Pioneer Woman’s Love story this week.  Grabbed it at the library as I was walking out.  I am so enjoying this book.  I am not a romance reader normally.  And after 2009 and dealing with too many yucky books, I rarely read much other than Christian Fiction or another Christian book. 

I am enjoying following along with Ree in her book, as she meets her future husband and he introduces her to a whole new world : the Country!  My favorite part of this book is watching her fall in love with the country.  Her husband is a 4th generation Rancher – so she is about to move from the City World to the Country (in the book).  I love reading about what she is loving about the country – it is so what I have fallen in love with too.

I love the quiet evenings.  Watching the sun set and being able to just sit and enjoy it.  I love walking around and checking on our chickens, talking with the hens as they get so excited to see me coming.  They know  I am bringing a treat – scratch – and they all gather in one corner waiting for me to share it with them! 

So that is what is going on here, enjoying our country style life. 

1 thought on “Monday

  1. Someone gave me Ree's book to read as well…I have only gotten a few pages in but it does seem to be a great story! Thank you for your friendship and your encouragement!

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