Homeschool tidbits

I was recently talking to a friend about what she does for homeschool and what I do – how us homeschool moms get to know each other!

She told me about a website she recently found – and was wishing she knew about it sooner.  Isn’t that always the case?  And then I felt bad because I knew about it already.  (Why do we look for guilt to add to our already heavy load?  Crazy!)

So, I thought, I should post all my favorites – all my go-to websites that help to make my life so much easier.

Before I get into my favorites, I should say, we do use Charlotte Mason, we use Ambleside specifically – this means we read GREAT books for history, science, literature, well – just about everything.  We do not use text books – we do not use workbooks – we read.  We talk.  We review what we have read, then we read some more.  We sit together, sometimes on the couch, sometimes out in the yard, mostly around the table in the school room. My kids love to listen to me read, cannot seem to get enough of it most days, and so we love this school style.

So, our favorite webpages are a bit specific to our schooling style, but no matter how your children are schooled, they are still great sites and lots of help!


– we love to listen to FREE downloads through librivox on itunes.  I usually pick books that I do not want to muddle through pronouncing names and words – (i.e. greek fairy tales, well anything greek)


– great books – great free coloring book sample pages, great sales – we love this company – we have almost all their posters too!

Baldwin Online Books 

– there are some great books on here that are free to read and you do not have to buy them – old books!

Art Blog

I love this blog – a public school art teacher who shares what she uses in the classroom with the world!  I love to use her ideas or even print out her projects!


This is a great blog with quotes that will be sure to encourage your heart as you journey along.

Book List

This is a great website if you are looking for books to offer to your kids – mine read too fast to stay ahead of them – I use this list to keep them with some good books in their hands instead of TWADDLE.  Keep in mind you need to track what your kids are reading, despite a good list there will be books you may not want your kids to read. 


Definitely not an exhaustive list, but there are some great tools up there.  Hope you can find one that is somewhat helpful!


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