Back on track

I need to get things back in order.  I think it is the spring bug!  I want to organize everything, I want to get back into a set routine, and I want order.  Ahhh, order – the thought already calms me!

Meal planning has been lacking unless we have company coming, and the family would love some real meals instead of what is on hand – sometimes resorting to ramen noodles (with peas to justify it).  I am ready for some new & yummy meals too!  So I am going to stalk THIS blog (thanks to Jenna) this week and get some recipes to try out with our family.  Healthy, yummy and cheap (relatively on all the above I think).

I need to get my room back to looking like a Master Bedroom and not a laundry room/mud room/man’s workshop like it does right now.  I am taking our bathroom back – I need to fix a spot or two on our walls (sand off the spackle and re-prime the underneath, and then re-spackle) but I can do all that while we are using the room!! So no more showers in the kids bathroom at some point this week!!!  That is the plan anyway!

I plan to get everything ready (together in one spot) for next year so I know what I need to find or track down.  I also need to check out a few more curriculum items that I may invest in in the next few weeks – that is the fun part!!

And finally we need to get some stuff out of the garden I think and some more seeds in before it gets too far into spring and we miss the window!  So far things are looking great though!  This weekend we put in watermelon, cantaloupe, more squash, and more green beans.  the potatoes are looking great and so is the lettuce and sugar snap peas!!  I am hopeful – but we need to get a fence up before the hogs realize what we have going on!! I would be devastated if the hogs hit our garden one night!!

We got 2 more eggs today – so we have 3 now – in a few days we will have enough to have a breakfast compliments of our hens!!  Cannot wait!!

Well, it looks like I have  busy week set before me, off to bed so I have the energy to do it all.

Did I mention I am behind on my scripture memory?  Yeah.  Just a bit.  So this week is our “free” week – I am calling it my catch-up week. I have 14 verses I need to get memorized if I plan to keep up – ugh!!  So I will work on my bathroom walls while repeating verses I think – the only way it will all get done!!  (that and I think I am not allowing myself to watch tv until I get these verses down – it may be a long week).

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