Country “killing”

I have managed to gut it out more than I ever expected I would, since moving out here.  I raised some chickens, watched them be butchered, cleaned the lungs out of all of them once home (12 sets – ugh!), and then ate them up.  I am hoping for a few calves next year sometime, and we will raise them, and then eat them.  I am okay with some raising and killing of my supper.

But I was not prepared for the “killing” this morning.

We have 3 cats – the first by accident (if you believe in those 🙂 ), the other two by design.  We hired adopted these kitties to earn their keep around here by cutting down on the snakes, rodents, and anything else they can catch.  However….

This morning a child (not sure which one) ran in to tell me Aravis caught a rabbit.  I was less than thrilled at the news (the idea of them killing stuff is much more appealing in theory than in real life – especially the eating it part!).  Then another child (still not sure which one) came to see if I wanted to come see it.

Reluctantly I went out to see what the commotion was.  Everyone was gathered near the fence on the corner of the property – watching Aravis stalk her “trapped” prey.  Ugh!!

Okay, so I get over there and the cutest little brown rabbit is trapped between the 2 fences over where it was – the cat was playing with it as it hopped back and forth looking for a way to freedom– and we were all watching.  Sad, I know.

(now keep in mind we have a huge garden only a few paces from this fence area – you think the rabbit was over for a friendly visit?  I think not – but this did not help me during the next few moments….)

Finally, Robert takes charge, gets stick, pushes my “hungry” kitten away, prods the rabbit out of the fence.

(Not sure what I thought would happen at this point.  I mean, I was standing there watching it all play out – I should have never gone out to begin with….)

Robert then grabs the little, sweet, cute, cuddly thing, and it starts to SCREAM!!  Who knew rabbits could scream??   At this point, I had to take off at that point, with my fingers in my ears, hands over them, humming. 

So, maybe I have not completely taken to life in the country….

After examining the little guy, Robert tells me it has a wound – it would not “survive” and so he took matters into his own hands, and I will spare you the details of his next few moments.

The kids were thrilled with the adventure.  I was not.  I know the cats serve a purpose, but theoretical is better than actual sometimes.  Needless to say, that little rabbit will not be enjoying any more of my mustard greens, spinach, or lettuce.  I hope his friends don’t come looking for him and stop for a snack!  It could lead to some unfortunate events around here…..

Note to Janelle : Next time the kids tell you the cats found something, say that’s nice and keep doing what you were doing.

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