Thinning Plants {life lesson}

Every now and then, as I am working through something in my mind, I get to see it with my eyes.


I have been talking with my oldest a lot lately about not settling.  About not filling our lives with so much good stuff, that we then have to say no to the Best stuff – because there is simply no room.

Two days ago, while working in the garden with Robert, I got to see this truth with my eyes. 

We planted beets – pretty thick.  I like to plant more than you are supposed to in case some of it does not come up.  Well, there is a reason those seed packets direct you in how to plant their seeds.  If you plant them too close – well none of them do well.  If you plant them too far – you are wasting space.

So, too close – we had the ground covered with Beet greens coming up.  Most looked very healthy- strong, green, good!  But Robert insisted that I needed to thin them.  He reminded me that if we do not thin them, all we will get are greens and no beets.

So true.  In my garden and in my life.  I planted seeds for beets & greens.  I want both.  But if I do not limit the number that are allowed to continue to grow, I will only get the greens.

If I keep adding stuff that we want to do to our calendar, if I keep filling it with stuff just because we have the time – then there will come a time when I am to busy to do the things I really want to do.  The important starts to get pushed out by the not important.   Too often we look at things by what we see – but when we make choices  it affects more than what we see.  I want to impart character traits in my kids – not just obedient kids, but kids with genuine values.  But if I am not careful I will lose sight of those goals, looking instead to the things I can see and focus on only that (awards, winning games, grades, etc).  I want to keep my focus on what I cannot see just as much as what I can see –> the greens and the beets!

If we plant the beets too close – none of them will flourish – none will do well.  Even the greens will not get as big as they will if they have adequate space.

So, thank you Lord for reminding me how my life can be like a plot of beets.  I want the make sure I have time (or space) for all the important parts of life to grow, thrive and flourish in our lives – not just the part we see!

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