It’s Monday

And here I am, counting, counting, counting

I am always counting.  Counting heads of little people in tow (especially at Wal-Mart!).  Counting eggs from the coop.  Counting chickens to make sure they are all there.  Counting dust bunnies on the floor.  Counting meals I need to prepare each day.  Counting.

But most of all on Monday I try to count the things I can say Thank you for.  The little things.  Because if we do not stop and count, we can lose sight, forget, or worse : not realize that we have lots to be thankful for!

So, today, here are a few things I am thankful for ~

{#0801 – 0812 of my 1000 gifts}

~ A beautiful CD that can pull me out of a funk (here is a video)

~ even more beautiful than Jenna’s sweet voice, but listening to my daughter sing along with Jenna on her cd – true music to my ears, my hear and I know God’s heart!

~ Jenna will be going to KY for an Orphan Conference that she WON tickets to by getting new fans for the Lifesong Orphan FB page!  So cool!!

~ Easter egg hunts in the early morning – delighted children running from tree to flower to tree

~ pot roast in the crock pot upon returning for church

~ as of 11:00am – a working oven!!  Yeah!!

~ Sunday naps, quiet time for boys, and time to catch up on Bible reading for me

~ Getting words into my mind (Colossians 2:1-2)

~ my friends and how they encourage my heart – how they point out the good when I cannot see it

~ seeing God bless Kristen in DC

~ realizing I can get 2 tickets to NY for about $130 out of pocket – HUGE blessing

~ hoping to have a working oven tomorrow – or hoping to need a NEW one after tomorrow!!  Praying for the latter….

So, Easter church is over.  Easter meals are past.  But the Good News lives on!  The promise – the hope – the GIFT.  I am most thankful for the gift offered to me!  I hope to never stop thanking my Lord for sending his Son for my sinful self.

1 thought on “It’s Monday

  1. Thanks for the shout out Janelle! I am so glad that the CD can be a blessing! I love reading your Monday lists and seeing the way God is working in your sweet family! Please know what a blessing you are to me…you always encourage me and refresh my heart!

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