gratitude in the grit

When we hit a wall –

When we don’t know what else to say –

On a day that starts well, but ends …less – where do you go?

I tried to avoid the internet, but no tv – and my book, it raises my anxiety.  So to the internet…

then a link, posted by Kristen

to here : Building the Blocks

And she says words my heart needs to hear…

(so much better than I could have said it too!)

She points me back to the only place I should be…

A place of thanks, offering my gratitude –

#813 – thank you for these children, who are not perfect but are wonderful – (please Lord, remind me how wonderful they are – offer them grace, often!)

#814 – thank you for more clothes than we need (despite the fact that my children cannot keep them off their floor)

#815 – vegetables thriving (so well the gopher cannot help but keep eating them)

#816 – Thank you Lord, that I can home school my children – even if picking out curriculum can stress me out a bit

#817 – thank you for sitting outside in the breezy evening enjoying the view

#818 – for a sweet stray kitty who may have found a new home (he sure likes the food we serve – even if Aravis does not like him)

So, Lord, thank you for more than enough, for all the many blessings I have, and help me to delight in all aspects.

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