Multitude Monday

It is a grand Monday here!  Lots on the “To Do” list but lots of time to do it. 

We have shut the TV off for a month.  That was my Mother’s Day request.  Not sure everyone in the family is thrilled with that, but they will survive.  Surprisingly, Robert was on board the first time I suggested it.  I suspect some tough days will come up but I am excited to see how God teaches us to use the time freed up by the TV being off!!

Still working through all the great stuff I learned this weekend – the speakers encouraging seminars, the books I bought, the wisdom poured into my brain.  I need to take some quiet time today to gather my thoughts, focus the points I want to implement, and pray about where God wants me to go with what I have learned.

For now, as the day gets going I am still counting, counting the good (and sometimes the bad) and reflecting on the many, many blessings poured out over my family every day!  Will you join me in counting?


{#0862 – #0871   of 1000 gifts in my gratitude journal}

~ a heart that is changing, listening & learning

~ a book that offers more insight to a heart I still do not fully understand

~ a momma bird nesting outside a window, sitting on 3 little eggs!!

~ a garden continuing to grow – tomatoes that are everywhere!!

~ excitement over the plan for next year, I can hardly wait to start

~ possibilities

~ reconnecting with friends; being encouraged & encouraging – feeling God in the midst

~ a friend getting home after  week away, and knowing God was with them as they journeyed a tough road  – prayers answered!!

~ books opened in little boys hands

~ sun shining, breezes blowing, a great day in Texas (albeit a bit warm)

~ teaching habits, seeing the fruit of practice and reminders

I can tell the difference the days I fail to stop and count.  The days I take off running without first being still.  Those days can overwhelm.  So I pray that this week I : 1) stop first, 2) thank often, and  3) remember that I can do all things…. but only with His help!

Have a happy Monday and a Blessed Week!!


2 thoughts on “Multitude Monday

  1. i am visiting from the multitude on mondays link up, – i try to visit the link on my left and right and you are one of them! i am impressed you are already in the late 800's. i connected with the one – “possibilities!” i love the expectation of the possibilities to come! blessings!

    my recent post: another bold step forward

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