Courageous Christians

Nest year, we plan to use the book Courageous Christians for weekly study. 

Courageous Christians: Devotional Stories for Family Reading


We will choose one person each week and read the story in this book and we will fill in our notebook page (see link at bottom).  I hope to take a few days each week to talk about that person.  A day to introduce them, maybe write their name out on the notebook page, look at their picture, talk about when they lived and what was going on.  Then, the next day read half the story?  I like to leave them thinking and hanging a little.  I want them to want more – to finish it.  But I want them to wonder how it ends.  I want them thinking about that person, trying to guess what choices they made and the results.  For at least a day or so. 

Then, the last day – the third day I think, we will finish it up.  We will reflect on all we learned the first 2 days, time period, name, and what we read – then the dramatic conclusion.  They will then write a sentence or two (for the younger group), or a paragraph for the older, and at the end of the year they will each have a notebook they created with their own hands all about Courageous Christians. 
I am pretty excited about this part of school for next year. 


Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History

In the past we have read stories from Trial & Triumph and we LOVE IT!!  But I want more than just the listening part.  I want them processing it.  So I know that at the end of the year they will remember a bit about many of these amazing Christians!  Hopefully some of the character traits they hear about will take root in their little hearts!  Never know how God will use these stories in their lives!!

Pretty exciting –

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE TO HOMESCHOOL?  Man!  I do!!

Courageous Christian Notebooking Pages  (click to go to the download)

I created these – I simply found pictures on the internet of as many people as I could.  I did leave the names off so the kids can write them in, and they are in no special order – if I get a chance I will go back and put them in order I think.  For now though, this is what I have.  Hope you enjoy if you use it!


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