Gratitude spills forth

How do Mondays arrive so quickly?  The days seem to be flying by.  Of course when we spend hours out in the garden pulling weeds time does seem to disappear – but not the weeds!!

So much to offer up thanks for today.


{0868- 0886 of 1000 gifts in my gratitude journal}

– devotions with attentive kids in the morning

– color and flowers in the yard – makes me smile

– sitting by the garden & feeding fresh spinach to my happy chickens

– talking with the turkeys in the yard & them talking back

– kittens who love to snuggle

farm life may 2011 019

farm life may 2011 032

– feeding the catfish with all the gang, cleaned & showered before bed

yogurt parfait

– yogurt parfaits for breakfast – only after clean rooms (& many inspections later)

– sharing the words we read from The Word at the table with my boys

– a new student – and the excitement our family is feeling over the future

– listening to children sings songs – I am a Promise & God is still working on me – SO SWEET

– sharing yellow squash from the garden

– watching pumpkins grow – yes in May (we did not plant them)

– waiting for tomatoes to turn – anxiously

– feeling God’s blessing over our new venture

– knowing there is always enough – despite fretting over it

– meals from the land

potatoes from garden

– a boy harvesting potatoes from the plants HE planted in the early spring – so exciting!

– the mockingbird singing to me while I weed the garden – makes me think of Leslie – makes me love that song more because he does

Littles not so little

– smiling at nothing and yet everything


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