Last week I was talking with a friend about our days.  How we spend them, choices we make and so on.  When she stated she did not want to be productive all day.  Made me think.  Made me stop and think, to be honest.  Made me think about it after she left, when I was weeding, when I was doing some other things, and then I still thought some more.

Then, I stumbled on an article about the same topic.  About what we are teaching our kids.

Made me wonder why I strive to be productive all the time – most often muti-tasking to improve my productive-ness.  Why?  Do I do it so I can feel that sense of accomplishment?  Do I do it because I have 4 kids and I cannot keep up?  Do I do it because so often I have been told what I do is not good enough, that I still hear it all the time in my head?

Yes, yes, and yes.  And yet, when I read in scripture that Jesus went away for a break (Mark), or that he praised Mary for sitting and listening while Martha was “being productive in the kitchen” – I wonder.  Is there more?

You know what, when I collapse into bed each night, sometimes I wish I said yes more the request to play a game.  I wish that I stopped to grab more moments.  I never wish I washed more dished, or put away more clothes, or picked up more junk off the floor.  Maybe those thoughts I have in my bed are the Holy Spirit asking me if I made the right choices during my day. 

As I chew on the points of that article – I am resolving to try to be less busy.  Do I want my children (daughter to become, sons to marry) to think this is the right way to live?  Always doing?  Reluctant to sit and be?    I try to savor the sunsets here. I try to enjoy sitting and watching my hens – but is it enough?

I am not vowing to become lazy.  I just want to be less productive at moments – or do I?  Maybe I just want to tweak my productive nature and choose more intentionally what I believe it is to be productive.  If I play a game of cards [building self-esteem in them, talking about life & building a deeper relationship, laughing with them, having fun] is that really – less productive?  Or is spending another hour cleaning a kitchen that will never really be clean less productive?  Maybe it is how I am approaching life more than what I call it – the label it wears?  I want to produce children who remember moments with mom, not what she looks like standing at the sink, the oven, or the washing machine.  Hmmmmm.

So, I hope to grab some moments to enjoy these days – and who cares if my “to-do” list is done, or even lost?  I hope I don’t!!may 2011 157

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