Little Disciples

It is amazing how when our hearts are filled to be poured out again, there is so much to pour out!

Sally Clarkson talked a lot about disciple-ing (training & leading) our children instead of just disciplining (punishing).  Sometimes I fail to see that as my role as much as I should.  I know I am teaching them about God, daily.  We read our Bible, we apply it, we talk about it all the time – it is a REAL part of our lives – we live it.

But when they falter, when they fail, when they sin, sometimes I get distracted (frustrated) and maybe look at it like I am just doing a job for so many years and then I will be done.  Their failure sometimes  makes me think I am failing them too.  I am not really but it feels that way sometimes.  Sometimes it is hard to see a boy – almost young man – fail. 

And when he does I have a hard time processing it sometimes.  I have a hard time responding like I am training him to deal with failure and how to recover from it – instead I want to make him never want to fail again.  Not the healthiest approach, per haps.

But then I read

They were completely amazed, for they had not understood about he loaves; their hearts were hardened. Mark 6:51c-52

And it hits me.  These were Jesus’s best friends.  These were the men he was pouring his life into 24 hours a day.  Boy.  Jesus had kids too.  He had 12 of ‘em.  {in a sense if you will}

And those silly disciples were dense at times.  They failed to get it.  I know I have talked about this before, how these men are real men, like us – they fail.  They disappoint.  They question. 

And yet, Jesus rarely rebukes them.  I think in that moment after the feeding of the 5000, I would have blown a gasket if I saw their hearts were hardened and they did not get it.  Honestly, I think I have blown gaskets for much less.

But, He did not.  I should not.  He loved them.  He was probably often disappointed, but did he ever heap guilt on them?  Did he ever rebuke them, unless it was REALLY a big deal?  No.  He spoke in love.  He understood our sin nature far more than I do. 

So, as I disciple these little people, I see that I need to be more patient, loving, and less “gasket blowing”.  Really.  My kids get so much of it – they get it.  They love HIM.  They want to live for HIM, and yet they sin.  Kind of like someone else I know.  {Ahem}   Yet, Jesus still speaks truth into my heart, he loves me, he encourages me, and blesses me far beyond what I deserve or expect.  Shouldn’t I do the same for my children?


3 thoughts on “Little Disciples

  1. I loved this post! And I love Sally Clarkson! Thanks for this reminder. (I would love to have your participate in linking to my parenting posts on Thursdays–this is perfect for it.) Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Stopping in from “to show them Jesus”. I can totally relate! I love how you compare parenting to Jesus and his disciples. So true. And the grace we depend on ourselves…sigh.

  3. love the gasket blowing analogy! love the struggles we are all sharing through teach them thursdays! — love the ideas and analogies i would have never thought of!

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