Weekly Wrap Up : May 20th


In my life this week…

Depending on when you start your week, I will say that we started our week with a day, Saturday, of selling at the Farmer’s Market! My kids are selling paracord stuff, and I am selling bread, jellies & jams, and some handmade items. We had lots of fun and plan to head back as much as we can this summer!!

We did not do much formal schooling, aside from math. Spent lots of time outside in the garden, a day in town dealing with property taxes, and a day working in the garage with Daddy, cleaning up!

In our homeschool this week…

Well, we did math. I guess I am already in “Summer-Mode”, but we are going to have to hit the books next week to officially wrap things up. We have a week (maybe two) of Ambleside Year 3 to finish up so we can put the books away.

Speaking of “putting away” I have begged my dear husband to build an excel program for me to manage our books. I have now bought duplicates at least 3 times and I am tired of doing that. Not that an extra book here and there is not a blessing, it is! But I want to spend my money building our library, not our give-away stash!

So, he did it!  He built a program that will let me enter in all our books and then hopefully I will load it onto Dropbox and I will be able to access is from anywhere. So excited about this!!  I will finally be able to really organize my library!  Pretty exciting!

(*if you are not familiar with “Dropbox” check it out – you can upload files for your own use and then access them anywhere – this is great for homes with multiple computers or when travelling!)

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We saw some Henderson County tax people this week – some were so friendly and willing to help, others were downright mean. Very frustrating! A life lesson for my kids, a taste of reality. It sometimes does not matter how nice you are, how respectfully you speak, others may not act as they should.

My favorite thing this week was…

Reading a new book “Queen Sheba’s Ring” – this was such a treat! When I arrived home on Saturday after our day of selling at the Farmer’s Market there was a box waiting for me from Christian Liberty Publishers. I assumed a late birthday present from someone. Well in a sense it was! I won their drawing at the homeschool bookfair in Arlington!! I never really thought those drawings gave stuff away, know what I mean? Well, they did! Mailed me 3 books (retail at 15$ each!) readers – for older kids, like my oldest is becoming! So we are reading through the first one I picked and thoroughly enjoying it!! So fun and such a treat!!

What’s working for us…

I seem to have the same response weekly for this, what seems to be working for us is taking each day as it comes. We seem to do well trying to follow our “suggested” schedule – but allowing enough flexibility in our days to account for Daddy’s crazy work schedule, the garden, time with friends and so on. I am a very “by the books” person and can get all tied in knots over deviating from a schedule, but I am learning that this works for us. We seem to get done that which needs to be finished, and at the same time, we enjoy the days we have. So it is still working for us – following a “suggested” schedule and allowing some days to dictate otherwise!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Two great ones to share – one is a bit long (first one, but it is good and by midway through the topic includes much more than just college info) – I am not against college at all – we are a pro-college home, but this sure makes me aware of many things!!  Loved the second one too!!




1 thought on “Weekly Wrap Up : May 20th

  1. Hi, sweet friend! For library tracking, you can also use LibraryThing.com – If you have an iphone you can scan in the isbn number, and it will enter all the information for you- even the edition! If you don't, you can get a little scanner called CueCat at any office supply store (about $10.) MUCH less typing, and quickly done, too!

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