Multitude Monday

Another Monday to usher in the gratitude!   But honestly, I have been keeping my journal out, logging items each day these past few weeks, so while it is Monday, I feel no more grateful today than I have the past few days – it is a good thing!

But today is when I tally my numbers, track where I am and how far I have to go.  Almost there.  I broke 900 this week!  Woohoo!  To think that I have written down or typed 900 things I am grateful for, makes me feel silly to think I need more.  That I need more stuff, a different something, a newer that – you know.  More. 

I do not.  I can sit here every day and honestly count the many things to offer up gratitude for.  Don’t mistake my joy – my life is not perfect,

there are still things that I fret about, stew over, dwell on (even though I should not) but when I am counting it takes my mind off those things and places it on the good, on the blessings.

So here are a few items I am counting thanks for today in my gratitude journal :

{#0917- #0928 of my 1000 gifts of gratitude}

~Seeing a boy’s heart grow and mature – slowly – and it I do not look hard, I can miss it

~ Our home’s previous owners stopped by and were thrilled with the changes and improvements – such a blessing!

~ sharing my frustration with my husband and him offering some sound reason – but not the answers or solutions

~ hope for a summer Bible Study!  It looks like ladies (and kids) are coming! Yeah!

~ watching my chickens from the windows – eating bugs and scratching in the grass – makes my heart smile

~ our first red tomato!!  Very exciting!

~ the smell of bread baking as I write and work in the kitchen

~ children playing together, without being asked or guided

~ a dead end road (1.5 miles long) that my children can ride their bikes down whenever they like

~ praying for guidance and knowing He will answer, even if not immediately

~ morning devotions regularly with these children and seeing improvements

~ holding a baby bird in my hands (without feathers or opened eyes) and feeling life, placing it gingerly back into a nest, and then seeing the momma come back and continue to mother it (the cats got the nest out of the tree & destroyed it)

~ for an extra nest in our nature collect to use to replace the damaged one – to hopefully save this little creature

~ the rain the past few weeks – enough to water and yet, brief enough so that we can still enjoy the sun shining

God is so good – in the ups and downs!  So grateful for all the blessings he is pouring out on our family every day!!



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