Book Review : The Seraph Seal


the seraph seal

I love books that can weave some futuristic science fiction, the Bible and lots of action together to form an amazing story! I honestly think that Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner did just that in their book The Seraph Seal!

This story takes place in 2048 after a prophecy begins to be fulfilled in 2012 with the birth of 8 very special people. The world looks a little different in 2048 as the shift of world power has moved many around in the scheme of power. I enjoyed following along as the story took you from one country to the next as each leader tried to position their country to take control. Not only are you constantly moving from one country to the next, you follow suit with the characters as well.

The characters in the story are well done, it takes some time to figure out who the real players are in the story, and that keeps the pace moving along as you try to solve many facets while you read. I felt the story moved very quickly despite its many pages. While I feel the authors attempt was to be Biblically accurate in many ways, it is clear he is writing a work of fiction and weaves together many sources of end times prophecy.

This book is not a casual read – it moves quickly and it requires the reader to keep up with the scene changes and character changes. I found this a very positive element in the book and would enjoy reading another book by Sweet and Wagner in the future. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fast paced, intellectually written books, and even for those who may not prefer fiction, I think this book would be worth reading.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of The Seraph Seal in agreement of providing a review of my honest thoughts and opinions, by BookSneeze – Thomas Nelson Publishers.



1 thought on “Book Review : The Seraph Seal

  1. The four horsemen are symbols of prophecy and agents of God to fulfill His prophecies. They are tied symbolically to the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. One December night, thirty years before the 'current events' taking place, there were nine births. Eight babies were all born with a symbolic birthmark, one of the symbols of the elements to mark them as one of the horsemen. Paul Binder was the ninth baby born and just before his birth his mother received a very special gift, an antique key and a note telling her to name the baby Paul. Paul is to grow up and have a very special place in the end times.

    If this review has intrigued you, get your hands on a copy because I can honestly say this is the best Christian fiction I have read in a very, very long time!

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