Love It

I love it when I stumble on something fun!

Love it!

Well, recently Sue from Homschool Chick mentioned Pinterest on her blog.  I was not sure what it was, but figured I could certainly check it out!  (let me know if you check it out & we can connect)

So I signed up after she sent an invite. And I wandered around a bit – like 20 minutes, saw some SUPER cute stuff! Great DIY ideas, cute sayings, and so on. Then today as I finished up a blog post I wandered over again just to bounce around before lunch time.

I was so glad I did! I found a “pin” that my friend Eryn re-pinned (you will have to visit pinterest to understand) cute snack – Pizza muffins – and I knew those would be perfect for the lunch I had not planned! So I followed the “pin” to the original poster who had blogged @ Licked the Bowl Good – about these wonderful treats! Found her recipe and my oldest Jacob and I jumped up and proceeded to mix them up for lunch!! So fun!!

lunch 009

lunch 010lunch 011lunch 012lunch 013


So, I can be an internet hater along with everyone else at times.  Yes, it sucks time out of my day.  Yes, reconnecting with (some) friends from high school (or college for that matter) is not the highlight of my day.  Yes, there are tons of traps for my children’s little eyes.  But I must say, I LOVE the wonderful info I find out, the inspiration I glean and the encouragement and wisdom I gain!!  I love it when it all works out to bless me and my family!!


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