Sometimes I can let life get the best of me.  I can fill up our schedule and we can be running and I am left wondering what happened.  I wonder what happened to the peace in our life?  What happened to my kids being friends?  I wonder what happened to my time, to my sanity?

I love to be in touch.  I am a very social person and I love to keep in touch with friends, with family, with everyone. 

But every once in a while God resets my schedule.  It may happen by choice at times, it may happen by circumstance, or it may happen by pain.  I have experienced all those different types of resets.

I have had friendships explode in my face leaving me wondering what in the world just happened.  I have moved to a new place and not known a soul and not had anyone to keep in touch with.  I have had sick kids for a couple weeks back to back and not seen anyone for far, too long!

Each time this happens in my life I get a new perspective.  I see  my kids through different eyes.

This last week while talking to Kristen, who just moved to DC we reflected back on the times God has allowed us to slow down and pull back within our families.

It has always been GOOD.  Always!  Not always fun at times, not always what I would choose.  But always what was best for my family.

You see, when I trek out to the zoo, let’s say, with friends, my friend and I chat while the kids run from animal to animal.  I do not spend much time talking to my kids about what they are seeing.  I don’t read much about the animals, I don’t answer too many questions (because quite frankly my kids do not ask many questions because I am chatting with my friend).  This is not a problem in itself.  I fully believe God want us in fellowship, but at what cost or sacrifice?

I can really see the difference when I trek out with my kids only and me.  We read everything, we talk about all the animals – I am answering constant questions.  When I leave the zoo on those days I am amazed at how curious my kids are, how smart they are, and how much they want my attention.

I am certainly not advocating dropping your friends until your kids go to college.  But I think I, at times, fill my plate too full with time with friends and leave little energy or attention for these great kids.  I mean honestly, they are going to be out the door before I can realize it, and then I can spend time with friends at no cost to my children.

I know that time with friends can encourage my heart, inspire my parenting, and refresh my weary soul – and I do not want to give that up in any way.  But I am trying to spend less time on the phone – more attention for them.  I am trying to push things off to the night that I can do then, to free up some time when the kids are up and I can do things with them.

I have found, each time God has reset my schedule in some way, it has been so good to have a new perspective with my kids.  It has helped me to invest more time with them, more time playing a game, reading a book, or even going for a walk.


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