Weekend thoughts

Life is flying by in our  neck of the woods!  We are starting the day with a line in the water, we break for some breakfast before running off again.  I seem to be spending a good deal of time in the kitchen baking, canning, cooking and so on.  The kids We all collapse into bed at the end of the day, worn out!  Life is good.

We have my uncle and aunt in town this week and we made a trip out to Canton to wander around.  It was fun, they did not get too much of our money – so that is good!  Then on the way home we stopped to pick some blueberries!  That was lots of fun!!  I am not sure the kids added too many berries to our buckets, but their tummies were full enough when we left!

Now we have a few jars of Blueberry Jam (made by Peter and me), we also have blueberry Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in the freezer waiting to be eaten!  You cannot beat fresh picked blueberries!  Oh, did I mention Friday morning we enjoyed blueberry pancakes!  Cannot miss making those with fresh berries in the house!!

We also managed to pick all our beets and I canned about 10 jars, many pickled and some plain.  I learned how to use my pressure cooker/canner this week when I canned 2 quarts of tomatoes also!  I am so excited to use it more and put away lots of veggies from the garden!

We picked our first pumpkins – a bit early since they will not make it to Halloween or even fall – but it was fun to watch them grow as green squash and then finally turn orange!

The kids have been fishing daily – and caught a few.  We are starting to add them to the freezer as the kids get them so that we can have a fish fry in the future!  Looking forward to that!

It sure is hot here, so we play early and hang out inside most of the afternoon.  But, life is good!

Next week the Lewis family will be here to play, fish, camp and have lots of fun!! Cannot wait!


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