Life is precious!

Life is precious.  We saw that personally this week.

Robert was working his 12 hour night shift the other night.  He usually heads home about 8am.  So when the light on the answering machine was blinking  that morning I suspected something was up. 

I finally got ahold of him, and he told me he was headed to Dallas and that he would not be home.  They had an accident.

Words you never want to hear. 

They had an accident.  One severe enough for Robert to be heading to Dallas to meet his guy who went by helicopter.

Don.  A young man.  20 years old.  He was doing what Guardian pays him to do, pack glass.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of glass at Guardian.  Lots of big pieces.  Lots of sharp corners and edges.  Lots of chances to get hurt.

Well, that morning a piece of glass got past Don’s Kevlar suit and cut his leg.  “Cut” is to put it mildly.  He severed his artery and another major vein in his leg.  The doctors keep telling his mom, he is only alive from the efforts of his co-workers.  He needed 9 units of blood.  Our bodies only hold 10.


Of course we prayed.  Lots.  The kids and I, near tears worrying about his young man.  And praying for safe travels for Robert too.

Today we hear he can move his toes.  He is in lots of pain.  But most of all today we rejoice!  A young man could have died and he did not, he can move his toes and he is alive to feel pain. 

Life is precious.  We should not take any of it lightly.  It all happens so fast, those emergencies.  Those moments – just one choice and it could change everything.

Such a great lesson to teach our kids – our choices matter.  Do we take that first aid class our company sends us to seriously?  Do we day dream, or listen?  Do we think through our actions or forget what we learned?  This stuff, these little choices and decisions matter.  Every step.  Don would tell you it matters.  Don would tell you he is thrilled his employees knew what to do. 

A life lesson for our family – choices matter.  And we need to make the right one, all the time!

Meanwhile, we are still praying for a full recovery.  Praying God will heal Don’s leg.  He is good (God) all the time and w trust he will do amazing things in Don’s life!

Life is precious! (pass it on)


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