Monday Multitude #1000

I feel like the last few weeks are a blur!  I checked on my gratitude journal  (you know when you are “checking” on it, you have been ignoring it…) and I am almost there – @ #985 – whew!!

And yet, since I last logged my  mini, day to day, ordinary miracles – so much has happened!!



So, here are a few things going on in our world that we are oh, so thankful for!!

{0985~1000 }

985. Going back to FBCI and feeling so incredibly loved

986. Days with the Lewis Family – so many smiles and so much fun and wanting so much more

987. Starting a summer book study of Ann’s Book

988. Unscheduled visit from cousins in Houston – so fun

989. Boating on the nearby lake – more fun than we can say

990. & 991. A great friend who who takes my boy to get his (3) teeth pulled & then keeps him for a 4 day vacation from the family

992. Reunited boys who cannot stop talking and catching up

993.  Boys unable to sleep due to excitement of all that is to come

994. Uncle and Aunt who came to visit – blueberry picking, Canton browsing, and lots of baseball

995. Books, books, and more books

996.  Getting approved to review books for another publisher

997.  Guinea Eggs – earlier than expected – sweet surprise

998. tomatoes coming out of our ears – every day more and more

999. Amazing homemade salsa with family – most of it from the garden

1000. A heart that has changed through the challenge to count to 1000 things I am grateful for – seeing it impact my life in a very real way!!

Yeah!!  I made it, but plan to keep on going!  Join me as we continue to count all the many blessings God pours out on our lives every day!  Counting helps us to realize all we have!!

4 thoughts on “Monday Multitude #1000

  1. Yay! How neat to make it to 1000! God is good! You are my “neighbor” in the order on Ann's page, so I thought I would stop by and say Hi!

  2. Hi Janelle! I did get a comment from you a little while ago. It doesn't show up right away since I have to approve it through my email first. I've had some spam “comments” and a really vulgar comment was left once, so I approve comments before they show up now. Seriously, the sickness of some people, ugh!

    Thanks again for stopping by! I'll pray you get some rain! 🙂

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