Book Review : Jesus, my Father, the CIA and ME

cia cover

I generally do not gravitate toward biographies, unless they are by/about a famous person from history. When I saw the book Jesus, my Father, the CIA and ME as an option to review a couple weeks ago I was intrigued by the title and encouraged by the other reviews. After reading the book, I am so glad I chose to review it. I would recommend this book to anyone who has heartache in their life with regards to their upbringing, it can help guide you through a healing of sorts.


I enjoyed this read, although it was hard at times. There are some parts of Ian’s life that are hard to comprehend, there are sad parts that make you want to cry for this man who was a boy dealing with so much, and at the end you want to rejoice with Ian over the redemption in his life.

This story takes you through Ian’s life as a young boy to his life as a dad of three. The life of their family went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, as you can imagine with a father as a covert CIA operative. During years they partied with some big names (the biggest), and shortly following that were living in an apartment trying to make ends meet. It is an honest look at what alcoholism can do to a family, and the pattern of this terrible disease in the lives it affects. Ian has some amazing moments when he deals with the heart ache caused by his father. I found this story therapeutic, encouraging and inspirational.


Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of Jesus, my Father, the CIA and Me in agreement of providing a review of my honest thoughts and opinions, by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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