All quiet on the Western Front

That would describe our week here.  That is our : Mine and AG’s.  My little girl and I spent the week without the boys here.  Our boys & man headed to Cedar Hill for Children’s Camp with our church in Irving. 

This was a first for us – all of us.  My oldest went to camp last year, but for them all to take off, and leave the ladies home was very new!

I have decided that one child is certainly more work that four – not to mention the work you get out of four is much more than one!  She was pretty sure that I needed to play games all day with her and watch every move as she played the Perplexus game her brother recently got for his birthday.  She never gets a shot at this game and was thrilled to have her turn, but though I should watch each and every move she made along the maze.

Things I learned this week : our children are so different when not with their siblings.  This was evident when Mikey (a college student who went to camp last year with Jacob) talked to Robert about our family.  He told Robert how different J was last year when he was at camp without Dad or the brothers.  Amazing what group think does!!







photo (1)


photo (2)


E and P were thrilled to get to go, and I am sure it would have been different if they went without their big  brother or their Dad.   I really enjoyed writing letters on the website to the kids while they were gone, it was a great opportunity to pour some truth and character building into their hearts while they were away and missing me (well, P was missing me, not sure about the other 2).  And I certainly appreciate much more all those boys do around her to keep our animals fed & watered!!

And as for AG – she is a different kid without those boys.  A bit needier, but so helpful and sweet, less fits for sure.  Of course it is easier to please one child when that is all you have to please – pleasing one when you are trying to please four is a bigger challenge for sure.

We did make time for many games of Tinkerbell checkers, painting nails, baking up some cookies and napping daily.  It was a great week, and one that AG will remember as special I am sure!  It was fun to pour into just her cup these couple of days!

It was a sweet time for us girls though, we made a few treks out, a special trip to the dollar store and ate our weight in blue berries without the boys’ help!

Next year I think we will all go – which will be wonderfully fun!  But a different story all together too!!

Until then, we expect them home this afternoon and while I know they will all hit their beds in exhaustion, it will be good to have everyone home!

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