Book Give-Away

Okay everyone.

I love to read, I think you all know that.  I am getting so many great books these days for free, and my bookshelves are already brimming with great books!  Soooooo

I want to pass along some of these great blessings!

What do you need to do to get in on this? Here is how you get a chance to win a free book:

1.  Read the reviews for the books below, pick the book(s) you are interested in

2.  Post a comment telling me which book you are interested in and tell me why (based on my review) {leave a separate comment for each book you want a chance to win}


3.  Subscribe to my blog {leave a comment telling me you did this, or already are a subscriber} and tell me which book you want (1st choice)

4.  Follow my blog (and again tell me which book is your first choice)

This contest will be up for a week and close on July 8th, and winners will be posted on Saturday July 9th , and books mailed shortly thereafter.


Read Review HERE

Read Review HERE


Read Review HERE


Read Review Here 


Next time I should have a few more books to offer up, but right now a few are in other homes, so stay tuned!!

I am linking up with Hip Homeschool moms Give-away too!!


4 thoughts on “Book Give-Away

  1. based on your review, i want to read “untamed”! 😉

    i'm interested in reading “some very deep points that will leave you thinking long after you put the book down.”

    i'm interested in learning more about her thoughts on the “wildness” of Christ… especially if it leads to a “place of freedom”!

    thank you for posting your review!

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