Book Review : Freedom’s Stand

freedoms stand

The book Freedom’s Stand is a sequel to Jeanette Windle’s first book Veiled Freedom. While I did not read the prequel, I did enjoy this sequel. This was a bit of a longer book to get into, and I was not swept away immediately. However, as I am teaching my son, sometimes it takes a bit longer to get pulled in when your author offers a depth to their characters that really draws you into who they are and what they stand for. Ms. Windle does exactly that, by the end you feel as though you really know the main character Amy and Jamil.


The book takes place in Afghanistan, the characters include a Humanitarian Aid Worker, former Special-Ops Security Specialist, and local Afghans.

This is definitely not a book that dabbles with either Afghanistani customs, or the truth of Christ, instead, it dives head first into both. I thoroughly enjoyed the Biblical focus of this book. The value of the Word of God is presented as a very vital part of real faith for the new believers and the older ones. What the characters will sacrifice for a copy of the Bible in their language is inspiring.

I did enjoy getting a very honest glimpse into traditional Afghanistan life. At times this was very difficult to process, the lack of freedom is almost suffocating as you read through this book.

Ms. Windle does an amazing job at presenting the story. I enjoyed seeing new faith blossom in the characters, as well as seeing others who had walked away return with more fervor than before. Ms. Windle obviously spent lots of time researching so many details surrounding this book.

Disclaimer: I was offered a free copy of Freedom’s Stand in return for an honest review of the book, by Tyndale Publishers.




1 thought on “Book Review : Freedom’s Stand

  1. This book is very informational about all the different subjects she talks about in the whole book. I really enjoyed reading this book, even though it was really long for a novel but worth ever page. I received this book through Tyndale's book review program and even though this is only the second thing I have received from them I am impressed in what they publish.

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