I do not like snakes.  I knew moving out here would bring more snakes into my life.  We bought a few guinea hens (they hate snakes and alarm about everything), we have 3 cats – and yet, today we had a snake!!

The guineas were alarming (they were honking in their coop).  I went and checked it out, but was not looking for a snake.  I looked, saw nothing and left it at that.  A couple hours later I hear 2 hens clucking like they just laid an egg.  (they do that sometimes to share the good news)

I went over to check it and out, low and behold – there was a BIG snake.snake pics iphone 004_thumb


I ran to get Robert (he was asleep after working 4 nights…) and after many prods, many “there is a snake”, many “Honey, I need you – the guineas have a snake”, he finally startled when it hit him….

So armed with his gun, a pair of boot and his shorts, he met us out at the guinea coop.

So, you can now call Robert “Killer” that is my new name for him.  He took out the snake. 

snake with egg


Chopped it’s head off – and we could tell there was a sizeable egg in it’s belly.  Too bad. 

snake pics iphone 009_thumb

Robert is sure it has been eating eggs for a while.  Glad we took care of it.  Hope he does not have any friends living nearby!!

{For the record it was about 5-6 feet long – and a Rat snake – not a threat, but yucky all the same!}

Life in the country…it’s not all pretty sunsets and wide open spaces!!


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