Weekly Wrap Up : July 8th

Summer-Edition mother journal

In My Life This Week…

I have been told my life is spiraling out of control because *40* is creeping up on my.  My sweet husband offered that explanation, then I promptly told him he was COMPLETELY wrong.  Until my dear friend said it was probably true.  Ugh!!

These week went from dreadful one day, to amazing the next.  I am not sure I can endure 10 more months of that – let along years.  Anyway….


In our Family This week….

We laid low for the 4th, stayed home and rested.  Then for our anniversary we had a SUPER romantic day to celebrate our 14 years (read about it here).  Wednesday we hung out here again, lots of chores.  I have figured out the busier my people are the better they get along, and the more work that gets done that I do not have to do!!  Win / Win!!

Thursday was our big day this week, we left about 7:45 for Dallas.  About 9:30 we dropped off a bed in Dallas and headed to the Dallas museum to see friends & play.  3 hours later we headed to Arlington to get a cavity filled.  Stopped and swapped some books with a  friend (and got a free picnic table) and then took off for Grand Prairie to have frozen yogurt with another friend.  Then off to Irving to get our math book from our old house.  Then back to Dallas to get our trailer and head home.  Whew!!  14 hours in all – we arrived home about 9:00pm.  I love seeing friends and letting the kids see their friends too!! 

In Our Homeschool This Week…

This was the ray of sunshine in my week – getting started back.  We are not full-on schooling, but we are working the habit of math (daily) back in, some handwriting, and reading.  Wow!  I miss the routine that school offers our family.

I am planning to continue to work things back in, until the 1st week of August I will school my big crew (ambleside YR4 – WOW, when did that happen???).  Then, the next week I will work in the younger crew (starting Ambleside YR 1).  I will have an extra student with our family next year, Ally, and she is pretty excited to be joining us.  So I figure, get the big boys going and then focus on the younger ones.  There will be lots more juggling this year with 2 AO years, and so many books but I can hardly wait!

I Am Grateful For…

Really figuring out the need to keep my gratitude journal out and adding to it daily. I have finally equated up my yucky mood with the failure to record, offer, or simply have thanks!   It is amazing how much logging my gratitude changes ME!!  I cannot tell you how much it impacts my day.

I am grateful for 14 years with an amazing man, for friends who speak scripture, for a God who says NO when I want to hear yes, and for a heart to trust that same God through the no.

What I’m reading

Charlotte’s Web a favorite, reading this to my crew this summer – with Allyson with us too!

 Already Compromised by Ken Ham – and I am scared people, very scared.  This whole College – Christian College – thing it scares me and it SHOULD scare you.  Not the idea of them going – the idea of you allowing people, who do not believe the Bible is true (despite teaching at a Christian College), to influence your children and flat out tell them are wrong to believe in what they believe in.

Scared….  not terrified, I trust God in all things, but I am certainly falling out of that happy place of ignorance into ….knowing more!

A (couple) Verse (s)  to Share…

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High

Psalm 7:17

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalm 107:1

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up : July 8th

  1. I'm going to have to hop over and read about your gratitude journal. Sounds intriguing. I can attest to getting so wrapped up in just the daily stuff with family, animals, and school that you forget to 'remember' the things you should be grateful for.

  2. I hear ya! I'll be turning 4-0 later this year and it seems to be more, um, meaningful than turning 3-0. (Everyone said 3-0 was worst, but not for me!)

    And my kids need to be busy too or they bicker! On the days that we're home, they complete chores! *I* love it! LOL I do try to get them out-and-about with simple, free, close-by activities like swimming at the lake though and playing at the Rec Center (both only 4 miles away) and the library (8 miles).

    The best with AO next year! I use their reading book lists for the kids, but not anything else. We're PT Masoners!

    Stopping by from THMJ!

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