“Killer” strikes again

Oh my.  When my second son ran into my room this morning announcing I needed to come quick, “Daddy is about to do it,” I had to think for a minute.  I knew Robert woke up early and headed out, I told him don’t do anything until I get there, then I went back to sleep.

And we talked about it.  But, it was about to happen for REAL!!

Once I figured out what I was hurrying to go to, I ran out with my camera in hand to this picture

july 2011 001

july 2011 005

It started when we watched a video on Friday night:

{Note : do not watch unless you want to see MORE than I am showing – but if you watch listen for the other turkeys walking around gobbling while this one is saying goodbye – I was laughing about the noises. But there is some blood}


Watching the video is one thing.  But when it is your turkey, it is a bit different.

Yes, we are officially Country Folk!!  We butchered and cooked our own turkey, which we raised since he was a few days old, and tonight we will eat him with some stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and peas.  It is a fitting end.  His name was Thanksgiving.

july 2011 006

I also have to praise my youngest son!  He was the best helper to Robert, he plucked more feathers than anyone else!  His treat was lunch at Sonic!! 

july 2011 026

It was a family affair though

july 2011 020

everyone pulled a few feathers or more (except for AG)

After lots of plucking we finally started to see what we are accustomed to seeing when you prepare to cook a turkey (aside from the feet, of course)

july 2011 030

Now we are getting him all cleaned up and ready to go.

july 2011 031

And finally, he is sitting on my counter resting, and will make a wonderful supper!  We have had a few bites and it tastes pretty good!!

july 2011 033


I have a new respect for my dear husband. Last week, the snake. That is one thing. But this week, this was real. It was our turkey. He lived a good life, had plenty of food and water, a safe place to sleep. He was happy. Until this morning.

A tribute to Thanksgiving the Turkey:

2 baby turkeys

A couple day old

turkey young

Several Weeks old

mature turkey

  And lastly, a few days ago. 

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