Book Review : Already Compromised

Already Compromised is a book by Ken Hamm and Greg Hall, which directly addresses the issue of why so many of our young adults are leaving the church, and linking that mass exodus to college.

I have been chewing on the college plan for some time. I spoke to a few friends at the homeschool book fair already-compromisedrecently about this very topic.  So when I had the opportunity to read this book and review it I was tickled.  Well, tickles until I started reading.

One reason this issue has been near and dear to my heart lately, is that I am seeing more and more homeschool families, from well known public speakers to local friends, publically announcing that college would not be the path they are taking.


Ken Hamm approached this topic to see if college today, is worthy of our children of today who have been raised in traditional Christian homes.   They gave college administrators a test of sorts – a survey to see where they stood with regards to their philosophy.  Some questions include :

What makes education different at Christian as compared to Secular schools?

Do you think the Religion and Science Departments have the same view on the age of the Earth?

Do you believe in the inerrancy of scripture?

These are just a few.  The answers will shock your socks off.

These college administrators were usually the President, Vice President, the Head of Science Department, and the Head of the Religion Department.  You will be shocked at the difference in answers between the President & Vice President.

These are not just conservative colleges polled either, these are colleges who claim to be Religiously Affiliated, and most were  associated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

One startling statistic is that 77% of Vice Presidents believe in the inerrancy of scripture while only 21% of Presidents.  How can those numbers differ so much?

Bottom line, Ken and Greg deliver a direct blow to the theory that our children will continue their Christian growth at these campuses.  He uses statistics that those administrators themselves provided.  It is very unsettling. 

This book takes you through step by step of each series of questions asked, and explains exactly what the answers indicate of these institutions.

I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who has a child who will one day decide whether to go to college.  Parents need the kind of information provided in this book to validate what they suspected and to help them form a plan to deal with the battle that will take place in their children’s hearts and minds.  I also suggest it for everyone else, because this will impact our churches, our workplace, our world whether we have children in that age group, or not.

Master Books provided this book to me at no charge in exchange for an honest review of the book.


1 thought on “Book Review : Already Compromised

  1. I was curious about this book. The thing I can't swallow about this ongoing debate is that so many of the leaders talk as if college age kids are still children and under our authority. While I understand that if we're paying for college we should get a say, generally I think at 18 they should be making these kinds of decisions for themselves. I'm all for arming and warning them that “Christian college” does not equal “like-minded” and they need to have their guard up. I'm not necessarily of the mind-set that “not like-minded” means we absolutely won't do business with them. At some point kids have to engage with other view points and hold their ground. If not when they're fully grown, when?

    I am feeling much better about state schools as a result of this debate. At least there you go in knowing you have a different view, instead of being lulled into a false sense of security.

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