Weekend Fun

What a fun weekend we have had!  It was so much fun to trek to DFW with no list of places to go and things to do!  We simply went to swim and fellowship with our good friends – not even a stop at Aldi!!

The kids had so much fun spending about 5 hours in the pool while their parents got to catch up and solve some world issues as well!  Well, maybe not real world issues, but it sometimes seems that way!  It was such a blessing to be around like minded friends and be encouraged in what we aiming to do.


The best part was this afternoon though!  I knew I needed to reorganize my school room for next year.  It worked well for us last year, but I was really just schooling 2 kids and next year it will more than double!! With 5 students at 2 different levels means I need two different zones for these kids!!

I thought it would be harder than it was, but with a couple hours, working AC and some perseverance, I was able to, just about, move mountains (the bookcases felt like mountains).  I moved all the bookcases, a couple times, added a table and switched our school area with the play area.  So now, we have a dedicated school area – bigger with a larger white-board too.  In the play area I added another table so the kids can color, draw or simply craft.  I think this will work so well for the kids to have a place to be productive while I am working with the other crew.

So this week, we are hoping to get the incubator up and running with some eggs “cooking”.  We also are kicking off a mini-Camp Cole on Wednesday, and I am not sure who is more excited, me or the kids.  I am sure we will share our fun plans and lots of pictures through the week!!


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